Best Fragrances Of The Season


They say the first impression is the last impression, And we agree with it totally! The way you smell marks an impression on a person as much as the way you look. Who doesn’t want to make people turn heads and ask which perfume are you wearing? There’s something incredibly magical about perfume. It is a reflection of your personality, but it does not just end there. The sense of smell is powerful and moving. They say it’s the most intense form of memory and an unforgettable one at that. 

Finding a good fragrance that suits your personality and lasts long is a tough thing to do. So we have shortlisted some of the best perfumes for you to make them remember you for your smell. 

1. YSL Libre 


If you’re looking for a perfume that will last longer and makes you feel sexy, Libre is the one for you. Libre Eau de Parfum is the new fragrance of freedom, a statement fragrance for those who live by their own rules. A reinvention of the floral perfume, it combines Lavender Essence from France with the sensuality of Moroccan Orange Blossom, for a unique floral fusion complemented by a daring note of Musk Accord. 

2. Gucci Guilty


This is something that every woman should have in her perfume collection. Guilty is the oriental floral Gucci fragrance that is designed for the glamorous, daring, brave and very sexy girls who like to party and enjoy themselves. 

3. Marc Jacobs Daisy 


One of the most popular Marc Jacobs new fragrances, ‘Daisy,’ is everyone’s favourite. It is young and fresh and will make you smell like a meadow in full-bloom spring. This one is amazing for daily wear or the times you want to smell extra feminine. Going out on a date or with your friends, don’t forget to spray it for a blooming day. 

4. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell 


If you don’t have a VS Perfume in your collection, girl are you even a perfume fan? The Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret is one perfume that comes with an irresistible and charming fragrance. The perfume assures you of a sexy and feminine scent that is appealing to men. You can wear this perfume on your regular workdays, or if you are going for a romantic evening.

5. Tiffany & Co Eau de Parfum


After nailing their jewellery collection, they have nailed their fragrance collection as well. Inspired by Tiffany diamonds you can almost smell the sparkle in this dreamy scent. With top notes of crisp mandarin followed by freshly cut iris and finishing with a trail of patchouli and musk, it’s exactly what you’d expect Tiffany & Co to smell like. Divine.


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