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We can officially say that the era of Indian home-grown brands has begun. With a major impetus on Make In India, we see a surge in consumer interests towards home-grown brands for everything. Fashion needs as well. India is brimming with so many leaders that are taking fashion scenario to the very next level. Wedding Affair lists some totally amazing home-grown fashion brands for you!


brandsKriti Tula, the co-founder of Doodlage says, “As a kid raised in the ’90s in India, upcycling was a deeply rooted tradition in most middle and upper-middle-class families. Every garment cherished and every piece lasted more than we hoped. We were simply not so wasteful and everything was less disposable. Everyone had much lesser money to spend. It was a good time for earth.” Doodlage upcycles factory waste into short edition collections. Recycle post-consumer waste and post cutting scraps into new fabrics to create season-less well-finished garments made for longevity. What they waste? Segregated and converted into accessories, soft furnishing products and paper to make the packaging or stationery products. All their pieces and fabrics come from an ethical production units and their packaging has the design to be plastic-free.


The house of Torani is a potpourri of nostalgic memories of fables that Karan Torani’s grandmother told him while growing up. Born in Delhi, he was always surrounded by an all- embracing culture but it was his days spent in the city of Bhopal around his grandmother that shaped his aesthetic. Remembering long afternoons around her house and watching her do the regular household chores wearing simple Chanderi saris got him obsessed with the classic beauty of Indian handlooms.

Urban Suburban

Founded in 2017, by three sisters, Urban Suburban is a culmination of a strong desire for travel, food, fashion and vacations which they delineate in the form of clothes manifesting silhouettes that are timeless. Having observed gaps faced by Indian women in selecting their clothes from major national and international brands across India, mainly related to limited sizes, designs, colours, through Urban Suburban, they are trying their best to amalgamate an Indian context in the overall design aesthetic and yet keep the clothes stylish and comfortable for all the holiday needs.


NORI started with the co-founders wanting to interpret Italian street-style and culture, bringing the same authenticity, craftsmanship and heritage to the brand. Grasping in its essence- a paradigm of European culture. The self-disruptive shift in society plays into the brands DNA and aspires for transparency to the customer In today’s conscious society, all that remains to be seen is self-expression for the updated individual. Transcending current fashion trends, the primary remains artistic expression and identity. The reckoning is now, and Nori invites you to its new world.

The Jodi Life

JODI is an Indian based label co-founded by Gauri Verma and Karuna Laungani. It was born out of a shared love for craft, culture, fashion, and travel. Their manifesto, so to speak, was really to hope to give a new lease of life to local craft techniques. They work with 100% natural Indian textiles and combine this with the artisanal process of HAND-BLOCK PRINTING. Subtle variations are par for the course, and they believe these make each creation unique and charming. It’s exactly this je ne sais quoi that makes JODI. They design capsule collections to bring to you unique products, with a strong emphasis on prints.

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