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Beach side weddings has been prevailing among the variegated wedding themes. The sensation of serene essence of the shores and white and golden beach sand between the feet. Drives a keen stimulation for beachside weddings. Hence, whenever one mulls over the best destination or venue for beaches in India, at the drop of a hat, Goa hits everyone’s mind. Undoubtedly, Goa is among such destinations where one can relax and revive. Though, it would be erred to call it the sole destination to explore the beauty of beaches.

Apart from Goa, India boasts some of the exotic locations where one can get hitched in the labyrinth of scintillating seashores. So, if you’re planning to get your ‘say I do’ witnessed by the wandering waves of sparkling sea, have a look below. 

Andaman and Nicobar

This is a tranquil and quiet destination for exchanging vows with your to-be better half. The natural beauty of verdant rainforests, magnificent hills. And shimmering turquoise water of Bay of Bengal leaves one enchanted. The place has got best of both worlds to confer your beach nuptial a touch of opulence.  


For an intimate marriage affair, with limited number of guests, no other destination can stand by this place to compete. The destination is impeccable for a fairytale wedding dream as the destination has been bestowed with the captivating beauty of nature. Hence, being an iconic island, the venue has gotten some restrictions as well.   

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Gradually, the state has been upstairing among the most sought destinations for a grandeur and opulent wedding ceremony. As a result, ranging from luxurious houseboats to nature’s opulence of pristine magnificence. Kerala accommodates the best of both worlds. A couple can chalk out to exchange the vows with a delectable dusk or delightful dawn. The state abodes innumerable renowned five star hotels and resorts to conclude your wedding ceremonies in a mesmerizing way.


Being an indigenous location, the city boasts some foreign essence due to its archaic chronicles. Pondicherry, eminently known as ‘French Riviera of East’, is a destination for romantic weddings. Hence, the gleaming blue water of the glistening seashores enhances the charm of the beach weddings. Along with the splendiferous beachside wedding, the city adds a pinch of French aura to one’s wedding.   


A quirky seaside hamlet has been endowed with virgin beaches, surreal bodaciousness of coconut and jackfruit plantations and is entirely away from the hustle bustle of city life. Hence, the golden sand of beaches and the crystal clear water of sea makes the location matchless. The ambience of night is exhilarated by the twinkling of scintillating stars. Though far away from the city. The location has some of the best-in-class hotels with scenic views of bay at backside, beachside resorts and countryside cottages. 

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Daman and Diu

These alluring twin islands located on the western coast of India, carries the beauty of Andaman Sea. The excellence and charm of the beaches and shores of these islands compels every couple to get hitched in the heart of these twin islands. Henceforth, the fascinating flora and fauna of the place needs no elaboration to describe its impressiveness. 


The destination is a perfect choice for pocket friendly marriages with beach side theme. The city is located in the Indian State of Karnataka. And is been kissed with the admirable Andaman Sea of Western Ghats. As a result, despite being affordable the city has been accompanied with shimmery scenic views of shores and beaches. Which are adorned by nature to heist the heart of mortal humans.   

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