Bid Adieu To Sweaty Summers With Crane Ultra Slim Digital Tower Fan


One of the best ways to keep your cool when it’s sweltering outside is with an indoor fan. But with several types to choose from, choosing the right one for your space requires some careful thought. The safest and quietest option of them all is a bladeless fan. Don’t forget to think about how much space you’ll need for your fan to do its job, as well as the kind of look you want. The Crane Ultra Slim Digital Tower Fan may be the best choice for your summer needs.

Its sleek ultra-slim design complements any room’s décor and features a touchscreen LED display with three-speed settings. The Crane ultra slim fan is a perfect fit for your home as well as the workplace. It is designed to quickly regulate the temperature through fan-powered delivery, without producing any kind of noise.

From those who like to decorate their house with the chicest products to those who like to stay indoors and enjoy the cool breeze without emptying their pockets, this fan is perfect for all kinds of needs. This tower fan is a perfect add-on to your room to create a cosy and relaxing environment for a sound sleep.

The sleek and slender fan comes with a wireless remote control and a digital LED screen having buttons to change the mode, oscillation and speed according to your desire. Moreover, it also features 7.5-hour automatic shut-off timer for added safety. Its sleek new design will surely complement any décor. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, it is designed to cover rooms up to 500 sq. ft.

The offered ceramic tower fan by Crane is ergonomically designed to let people enjoy air circulated in an extended comfort zone at home or office. Being 46 inches in height, this tower fan produces high volume air flow and let people create a cosy environment.


The tower fan has 7.5-hour automatic shut-off timer for added safety. It switches off automatically when it gets overheated. It also features a safe ceramic element and cool touch exterior so you can feel relaxed to use this product around children or pets.

Engineered using the most advanced technologies, the oscillating tower fan by Crane will let you enjoy the warmth without experiencing any loud operating noises.

This ergonomically designed tower fan comes with a built-in carry handle to make relocation quite easy. Just plug directly into an outlet wherever you want to create a cosy environment. Plus, wireless remote control enables you to control it from a distance.

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