Birthday special: top 5 superhit songs of Benny Dayal

When it comes to the most versatile Indian singers, the one name that almost immediately crosses the mind is that of Benny Dayal. Apart from making himself a well-known name in the music industry, he has also sung songs in various regional languages including Tamil, Telugu, Malyalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali etc. His songs pierce through one’s heart and have been immensely popular. He also dabbled into acting with the Malayalam film ‘By The People’. His unique style sense has since forever remained the talk of the town. Wedding Affair shares the top 5 greatest hits of Benny Dayal.
1. Badtameez Dil

The song became one of the favourites among the millennials. The song from the film ‘Ye Jawaani Hai Deewani’ became more like a cult song of its time. The energy and the vibrance of the song is actually super contagious. You cannot refrain yourself from stepping onto the dance floor once the song is played. The song is the ultimate party track that can make the most sane person go crazy on the dance floor. 
2. Daaru Desi

A very popular song sung by Benny Dayal from the movie ‘Cocktail’ is Daaru Desi. This song celebrates the bond of friendship. Benny’s voice simply makes the song more exuberant and fun. While Bollywood has given us numerous uber romantic songs to celebrate love, it has remained reticent about friendships. With this super cool song Bollywood gets one to its friendship’s side. Not just the song, the visuals of the song are amazing as well. 
3. Kaise Mujhe

When it comes to romance, Bollywood never fails us. From soulful songs to grand gestures, we like it all over the board. The song from the film ‘Ghajini’ is an extremely romantic track that can easily get you hooked. The beautiful song is sung immaculately well by Benny Dayal. The song narrates how fortunate one is to find an extraordinary love. Featuring Aamir and Asin, the song is indeed soulful, melodious and uber romantic.
4. Let’s Nacho

Benny Dayal is known for singing ultra cool party songs. This is yet another one of his super flamboyant party tracks. Featuring Alia, Sidharth and Fawad, the song is peppy and fun. The song could not have been what it is had it not been for Benny’s pleasing voice. The song can liven up any party place with much ease. This is one of the must-have tracks on your playlist. The choreography of the song elevates the vibe of of this song to an all new level.
5. Nazrein Milaana Nazrein Churana

This is one of the earliest songs sung by Benny Dayal in Bollywood. From the film ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’ this song is an out and travel song. When you are out on a long drive with friends and family, this song can certainly add much to the mood. If you aren’t into the typical mushy songs, this song shall certainly elevate your spirits. This song is lively, exuberant and extremely light hearted. This is one song you can play on the go. It shall certainly make your journey enjoyable. Make sure you have this uber enjoyable track on your playlist. 
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