Blink-And-You-Miss Skincare Rituals Of Celebs


Be it surfing through the internet, television channels or shuffling through the pages of fashion magazines; we do come across a glistening picture of some model or our favourite actress and we can’t help noticing the flawless radiance on their face. We zoom in and out of the picture and wish we could be the owners of such beautiful skin as well. But most of us only end up ordering the beauty product advertised or the one that we think the celebrities actually apply. What we miss is the tiny piece of advice celebs send our way but it remains undelivered as the receiver is hypnotized by the mesmerizing skin by then. We bring you some’ blink and you miss’ advice from celebrities that are worth your attention.

Dry Brushing:

Miranda Kerr has time and again admitted using the technique to attain that soft and smooth skin. From helping with lymphatic drainage to exfoliation, reducing cellulite to boosting energy level, this method of regularly brushing your skin before a bath is gaining momentum.

Spiritual Botox:

This is no secret.  Oh wait, it is! Jennifer Lopez confessed that she says positive affirmations every day to keep her looking young and timeless. So when we say ‘what you think you become’ it’s not entirely wrong. To look young, one must feel young. A happy mind pampers our body into releasing happy hormones that reflect on our skin.

Stick To The Same Skincare Products:

Models and celebrities work very hard to keep that skin ‘front-page’ worthy, but it is equally imperative to understand that what might work wonders for one person may show totally opposite results on others.  Celebrities like Cate Blanchett had credited her loyalty towards the same brand of skincare for 10 years to her flawless skin. If your skin changes only then, is a time to change. Otherwise, no need to switch if your skin is responding well to the current product.

No Devices Post 8 pm:     


Harmful effects that mobiles have are not only confined to health but also to the skin. Electronic devices like mobiles and computers that disrupt our sleep patterns are doing no good to us. When your own system wants to enter sleep-mode, better oblige and shut the electronics down. Carolyn Murphy once shared that the best advice she had received was to ban any devices with a blue screen post 8 pm in the bedroom.

Sunscreen Is Crucial:

A lot of celebrities have shared their experiences with sunscreen usage. Be it, Jennifer Garner or Jennifer Aniston, celebrities have always shared their astonishing results with sunscreens or misadventures of not using one. To shield yourself from the Sun, use a good SPF sunscreen and re-apply at regular intervals. Your skin will thank you with a healthy and even-toned complexion.

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