Bold Beautiful Bathrooms


We heard of the times when people used to travel closer farms for their early morning routines. Building a system for defecation inside the four walls of the ‘pious dwelling’ was a shitty idea. Akshay Kumar’s movie ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ dealt with the same issue. Apart from being highly unhygienic, this must have been a really uncomfortable affair. Good for us, we no longer abide by those incoherent weltanschauungs. As it’s not just a shitty affair.

Bathrooms are not the most secluded area unlike yesteryears. Spaces built away from the common area, closer to the outhouse or meant to hide or store scrap. A dingy, unhygienic, odoured and stuffy washroom is so passé. They are today, the cynosure of a perfectly designed home. Owners take pride in boasting the lavishly designed, luxurious and spacious master bathroom of their abodes. Afterall, no one likes it stuffy!

How would you like your washroom to be? Take a few seconds and visualise your ideal bathroom. While your mind runs at the speed of the jet (the flying ones), the major inspiration is bound to occur from the movies. A large area with white and blue wall tiles, pearly white marble floor, a big window that overlooks the green foliage of trees or maybe a beach, bold mirrors reflecting the light, gorgeous sanitarywares, sparkling bath faucets, chandelier emitting aurelian light, soft and warm white towels smelling of lavender and a great bathtub. Heaven! This is how you must have imagined, with a touch of an areca palm or a snake plant to the most.

Owners hire designers that specialise in designing bathrooms. The design for a 60-square-feet bathroom and that of a 150-square-feet ones, will not be the same. A lot of factors come into play. Position of the door, source of natural light and ventilation. This is no supernatural theory that a bigger space provides a wider canvas to play with. Companies are designing state-of-the-art sanitarywares for that midas rinse. With the sole motive of spoiling us, lets see how this revolutionised the modish restroom. And if you want, you may take cues for your dream comfort station.

A  bathroom looks incomplete without a touch of natural light. People extensively spend on bath area these days. A toilet bowl, cistern, bath tubs, basins and other fittings constitute sanitaryware. Sanitaryware can be colour-coordinated or in complete contrast to add a pop look. Blue, green, cubicle, round, oval, wall fitted or independent; colours, shapes and forms may vary. Though, the classic whites remain the most preferred when it comes to homes or commercial purposes. The domestic brand Hindware is an established name in sanitaryware business.


Going by the trend, more and more people are opting for multi-basin washrooms. The objective behind being — hygiene. A separate basin for washing and brushing reduces the chances of bacterial contamination. If we think of this broadly, we will realise that we are following our ancestors. There used to be a clear demarcation of the territories for intimate and common cleaning areas. So, in a way, history is repeating itself for good. Afterall, our grandparents are wise people. Speaking of wise and smart, the modern washrooms are equipped with intelligent sensors.


This section may sound ‘flushy’, but it’s actually very useful. Toilet bowls are equipped with presence sensors, power flushing, temperature control and LED lights for night time. A rimless toilet is easier to clean and quite hygienic. The uniformity of its design, impedes the grime and germ build-up at inaccessible places, as opposed to a rimmed ones. A new advancement in this category are toilets that comes with multi-colored ambient lighting, drying, pressure control, massage functions, automatic personal cleansing, heated-seat, built-in speakers and what not. Perfuming is an atypical feature smart toilets are equipped with. We are sold at the idea of a warm seat during winters. Speechless!


A faucet comes with sensor mostly at the commercial restrooms. It’s not just a fancy tap. It is a useful product. More than dispensing water, it works in the direction of  mindfully saving water. One can easily recall the time and place wherein they have witnessed people leaving the tap water running to avoid touching the ‘common’ taps post-washing. The sensors come handy at such times. It not only stops by itself but also  puts a brake on the wastage of water during a hand wash.

So, more than ostentatious or luxurious, it’s an ecologically conscious and utilitarian installation.


So, it is the fountainhead, literally. Futuristic showers are smarter and way cooler than you might have thought. They are hot too. Well don’t get yourself confused, as we are just bragging the nifty properties of the shower. Besuited in platinum grey, silver or black, these drool-worthy thingies helps minimise the carbon footprint. Personalised and adjustable pressure control monitors the water-usage and limits the water flow by introducing air to the water droplets. This system maintains uniformity in water-dispersal by converting a stream of water into an intense spray, for a glitch-free bath. Some showers have a prepotence based on the wall mounted digital control panel that lets you control the temperature, pressure and duration of your bath. Plushier shower trays can be controlled over wifi or apps while some offer therapeutic effects too. So upmarket! They are what we look ‘up’ to.


Bathtubs are the most glamourous objects in any bathroom. A centrally placed bathtub is ideal to rejoice your bathing experience. Add some floating rose petals to the scene, some perfumed candles at the head of the tub, some jazz music in the background and voila! This ensures a cleaner, softer and gorgeous looking you. And this is also a very filmy introduction to bathtubs that come in various shapes and sizes. The bigger the bathtub, the better. For relatively closed spaces, alcove tubs serve best. They are meant for places where space is a restriction. These bathtubs are enclosed by walls on three sides. Their features? Shall we begin? Path-breaking advancements by brands such as Kohler has introduced PerfectFill technology that draws water to your preferred preset temperature and depth with a simple amd understandable voice command.


It’s better to have a floor with matt finish for your bath area as that space is prone to get wet. Better friction avoids a fatal slip. Glossy tiles, marble, granite and other materials available in the market, accompanied with huge mirrors can transform your bathroom space, completely. Ceramic or porcelain is preferential material for this space as it is waterproof and cost-effective. Homegrown brands like Somany and Kajaria too offer quality materials that will floor you.

It seems, nobody loves, cares and pampers us more than these brands. On a funnily serious note, this is one place where the most creative ideas strike us. And the shitty ones are flushed out. A very personal space, that undoubtedly a bathroom is, an average person spends good first 15 minutes of their morning ritual here. Modern day hammams that they are, one can spend lavishly on this area while others may like it simple and budgeted. This is the beauty of the bathrooms. They are a ‘hole new concept’ in themselves.

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