Booiaka: It’s The Way You Move!


In this era of acceleration and progression, a bride is frazzled with numerous preparations as she wants to make her D-day the most splendid affair. No matter how much she gets pampered with high-end cosmetics with this haste she is left with a weary appearance on her D-day. Apropos to this, we at Wedding Affair have delved into a trending dance workout that will bestow you with an impressive stature. Booiaka is Tatiana Tamai’s brain child and her vision mainly focuses in an endeavor to make you fall in love with yourself. This is the sole dance form that will bequeath you to kindle your mind, body and soul collectively and will leave you rejoiced with the most beautiful celebration called ‘Life’; after all you live only once. By combining unique teaching methods, incredible music and spicy choreography, Booiaka was born and is changing how people view exercise and dance today.

Booiaka on our Radar

Swiftly spreading its tentacles to India, this dance form is an only dance workout that celebrates music, entertainment and dance, all together interlaced for espousal with mind, body and soul. Renowned Boomer Champion, Manisha Singh avers on this, “Booiaka is a combination of Brazillian, Jamaican, Hip-Hop, Old school and Reggaeton dance styles, in a nutshell an easy-to learn movement for all shapes, sizes, skill levels and ages. This cardio dance form by Tatiana Tamai has wings to surpass the stress of daily monotony with a promise to enhance your personality on the dance floor. Brimming with lots of fun and full of life moves, this dance workout is effectual for posture building and stronger core too.” Booiaka steps are enforced in such a way that it emits positivity. It brings cheery smiles and happiness with a miraculous healing aspect to it.


Brides, be Breathtaking

Booiaka is a dynamic dance form, its steps incorporates choreography while keeping intact the fitness aspect for brides-to-be. Adding to this Deepti Sinha says, “With every class, you dance on a complete song and therefore Indian brides could use this to not only lose weight but also as their sangeet’s choreography considering it as a complete bonus for them” Tamai saya, “This workout is ideal for brides who are fitness freaks as it allows you to shed calories amidst fun and energy. The progressive workout enhances the stature for long term wellbeing of an individual. The steps are repeated to make it a perfect cardiovascular workout and help you lose weight with speed”

Swaying with Verve!

Founder of Booiaka, Tatiana Tamai says, “Booiaka is the only fitness dance workout that truly embraces and celebrates music, entertainment and dance! As our slogan focuses on trying a Booiaka class to really understand it because it is all about how you feel that makes you want to move to the beat. Booiaka methods are very easy to follow.”

Special Tips from Experts

Tatiana Tamai, Booiaka Founder ( : You can’t expect to lose weight while being miserable inside! Booiaka works from the inside out! Embrace the goal, enjoy the workouts, and enjoy the journey to success. Be healthy and fit without over-doing it or being hard on you. It doesn’t matter how precise their steps are (they will improve with practice), what matters is how much energy you put into it.


Manisha Singh, Miss Fitness India 2015, Champion Boomer: Booiaka willl tansform your personality with time. I recommend brides-to-be to go for Booiaka sessions. Generally, a morning or an evening session is the best to follow. Eat minimum  one hour before the session.

Diet plan by Sanjana Shah, Booiaka Instructor (Pune).

Morning: Breakfast: (Around 7-8:30 am) – 1 cup tea (without sugar)/ 1 bowl oats with milk (toned). OR 2 slices multigrain bread toasted with 2 egg whites. After half an hour keep on eating 2 bites of fruit till lunch time. (Avoid mangoes and bananas)

Lunch: (Around 12:30 to 1:30pm) – 2 multigrain chapattis, 1 bowl dal, 1 bowl vegetable. (Avoid potatoes)

After every half hour keep having two bites of fruits till dinner.

Tea: (Around 4) – 1 cup tea (no sugar), 2 oat biscuits.

Dinner: Vegetarian:  (Before 9pm) – 1 big bowl sprouts or cooked vegetables and tofu along with salad.

Non Vegetarian: 300 grams chicken/fish with vegetables. (Meat should be grilled, boiled or steamed, you can add 1 spoon butter or olive oil and herbs)

So sweat, smile and repeat! After all, amazing love handles don’t just happen.