Boots For Every Winter Wardrobe


Winter is here and it’s time to stock up your wardrobe with all those stylish coats, scarves and above all those, boots. Time spent eyeing all the sites this entire while is going to pay off when you can finally buy these beauties. There is no such thing as too many boots and we totally agree with it. 

Wedding Affair lists down different types of boots that every wardrobe must-have this winter season. 

1. Uggs 

Fashion and comfort can go hand-in-hand when you own a pair of Ugg Boots. These furry boots go perfectly well with leggings and jeans and keep your legs warm as well. Originally they are made from sheepskin but we would recommend you to buy the ones with synthetic fur. Who would want our furry friends to suffer for our comfort and style? 


2. Knee-High Boots

These all-rounder boots will pair effortlessly with your entire wardrobe from your jeans, to skirts, dresses and leggings. Knee-High Boots is a must, must have in our collection. Opt for boots with heels and if you are not a heels person, go for a more comfortable option such as flats.


3. Chelsea Boots

Worn in the Victorian era by both men and women, these boots were considered iconic elements of 1960s Britain. These close-fitting, ankle-high boots have a unique feature. With elastic panels on the side, they can be so easily pulled on to your foot. Chelsea boots are extremely flexible. Unveil the fashionista in you and experiment with them. 


4. Thigh High Boots

These boots are extremely sexy and look best when worn with a short skirt or a dress. Thigh-high boots will add an oomph factor to your wardrobe and enhance your outfits instantly. These are an investment that we are ready to make any day (wink).


5. Wedge Sneaker Boots

Are you someone who loves sneakers but want to experiment with winter boots as well? Wedge sneaker boots are the answer to all your worries. With the comfort of shoes and the height of heels, these cute boots are a blessing in disguise. They look extremely cool and sassy at the same time.


6. Oxford Boots

Boots with laces, how cool is that. Oxford boots go equally well with skirts and jeans as well. What makes them unique is that the shoelace eyelets tabs are attached under the vamp. They look quite formal when worn and chic at the same time.

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