Bowled Over Bell-Bottoms: Styling Tips for Bell Bottoms


Have you ever wondered what if all the previous fashion trends of the nineties hit back on our current fashion radar? Well, fashion changes every minute and every blink of your eye, so while we speak of renewed trends are you fond of bell-bottoms? If you are then you’ll love the trends and styling techniques listed below. Have a look: 

With Tube tops 

Fashion statements are usually on a constant change, after this entire circle of new trends one tends to go back to the previous styles to adorn them in the most classy ways. Speaking of old fashion styles, the bell-bottoms are back in town!! The flared piece of retro fashion is quite the talk of the fashion industry, and speaking of a few ways to style your bell bottoms, our first suggestion would be to style it with a basic tube top. Dark shade bell bottoms with a lighter shade of patterned tube top will give you a classic chic vibe. 

Hippy style maybe?!

Well, since the hippy boho trend is also quite on the fashion radar nowadays then one can grab their bell-bottom pants with a flimsy loosely fitted buttoned shirt. Baggy shirts half tucked in and half unbuttoned can give you all the boho-chic vibe you’re looking for. And just to add a cherry on the top, you can go totally boho or hippy by styling a bandana on your messy hair and few vintage bracelets might give you an eye-turner outfit. 

Heel it up!! 

Well, bell-bottoms and high heels are like made for each other kind of fashion inspirations. If you’re looking for new ideas to style your bell-bottom jeans then let us tell you these flared pants look even more stunning when paired up with classic stilettos. You can probably style some basic t-shirt or a formal shirt with a blazer hanging on your shoulders with your bell bottoms, and give the final touch with matching stilettos. This way you’ll look stunning as expected and you also get an outfit for your professional meetings. 

A casual hit! 

Are you the kind of person who wishes to just wake and run errands without giving too much thought to your daily outfit? Well, if you are one of those girls then let us tell you that bell-bottoms and casual friendly for you. You can just wake up grab those flare pants and style with some basic t-shirts or maybe an untucked blouse just to keep your look as breezy and your outfit classy. 

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