The Brand Which Spells Femininity- [N]


Since its establishment in 1997, the brand has attracted many ladies with it’s unique designs, forms and cuts of diamonds, different techniques of handcrafting gold and rare mined stones. The brand’s aim is to fulfill woman’s inherent need to express herself while applauding her inner fire. [N] is the perfect blend of sophistication and femininity. The recently opened custom-made designing showroom houses a redesign studio, where a customer can choose from 20, 000 types of diamonds and stones, different forms of metals and unconventional materials to give their old bijouterie a chic and trendy look. The jewellery is then redesigned to suit the client’s style and also to retain the emotional value attached to the piece. Many clients who no longer wish to wear a particular piece of jewellery in its existing form can get it remodelled into a more modern and tasteful design.

[N] offers wide range of bijouterie to choose from.

Zeal encompasses the breathtaking colours of a prism. Cast a spell with its vast range of bangles, rings, earrings and strings. These accessories will surely outshine in any occasion.

As the name suggests, brilliance radiates a fiery sparkle that surpasses everything else. It’s range of bangles, rings, earrings and necklaces are extravagant and unconventional, a must have for today’s fashionista.

The striking and majestic collection Eternity, is a stunner in the true sense. It’s an alluring collection of bangles, rings and necklaces will surely take any bride by surprise. Perfect to compliment your wedding trousseau.

Historia offers elegant jadau pieces which are the perfect confluence of modern and ancient art, appealing to both eastern and western sensibilities. These pieces will just add the right amount of drama to your look.

Eminent’s range of earrings are the epitome of sophistication and panache. This range combines inventiveness and virtuosity to create pieces that glitter. To stay ahead in fashion, adorn these enviable earrings.