Break up guide: dos and don’t edition


Are you thinking of ending things with your beloved, but there’s still some confusion? Well, then here we have a few dos and don’ts that you should probably follow. Because this might give you a certain clarity to decide what to do and what not to do.


…Give a thought to it!


Speaking of a few dos while you’re thinking of breaking up with your current partner then the first one is to give thought to your decision before moving forward with it. There are several thoughts in one’s mind before taking such decisions. All you need to do is yo think it through and decide what’s right for the both of you regardless of the emotional aspects.

…Prepare the talk

Well, you don’t just wake up and decide to break up with a person, its sure is a thoughtful process and in such cases, you’ll have to prepare yourself for the ‘talk’. Think about what will you say and how will your partner react to the same. Thinking about this will help you act sensitively and understand the situation in a better manner.

…Talk in person

Texting the reasons for your breakup and breaking up via texts or calls sure seems easy, but this somehow shows a few traits of your coward nature. This definitely is a difficult task to undertake, but you will still have to talk in person rather than taking the easy route and breaking up virtually.


…Avoid your partner


If you feel that things haven’t been well between the two of you then its’ better to talk it out and chalk out a solution instead of avoiding your partner. Avoiding the situation might turn things around for the worst. So, it’s better not to avoid your partner and just be straightforward about the situation.

…Be brutal

Just don’t be brutal! No matter how frustrated you might be, just calm yourself down instead of being all brutal and ending things on a negative note. Being brutal might ruin the respect that you guys are left with.

…Be hasty

Decisions like these take time and you should definitely not rush in such situations. Think about your decision a thousand times and make sure to find out a perfect solution for the betterment of both of you. Because trust me you don’t want to regret your hasty decisions later in life.

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