Bridal capes! The new go to wedding dress trend


It’s time for superheroes to move aside, cause these capes really do the necessary when it comes to bridal wear.The latest bridal fashion trend to take off combines modern style with a romantic, regal twist, to all the Brides-to-be, meet bridal capes. If your to bored of the usual wedding dupattas which come with your lehenga them it’s time to switch to a bridal cape.Wearing a stunning cape with a lehenga will be absolutely perfect on your mehendi function and wont cause you any fuss that usually comes with adjusting your dupatta with the mehendi anymore!

So what’s a bridal cape? 

A bridal cape is an accessory that is similar to a dupatta that can be worn over a mehendi dress or even a lehenga.

Dupatta Cape


This is totally the right pick for those broke to be who can’t choose between a dupatta and a lehenga. Dupatta capes give you the same flowing texture and adds a extra touch to your wedding lehenga. 

Blouse Cape 

Another great way to adorn your wedding dress is by getting a blouse cape, this effortless cape look comes with the cape being attacked to the blouse. This cape is a pretty accent that trail behind each strap. 

All around trimmed cape 

Not all capes have to have length in order to make a statement an all round -trimmed version of the cape can make your dress unique and stand out . If you’re throwing a modern wedding event, a sleek trimmed shaped cape with your lehenga  is your best choice.

Boho cape 

Add a bohimian look to your wedding lehenga with this boho cape look ,this cape will be perfect for a beach wedding, where you can have your cape floating in the wind. If this is what your looking for then you’ve found your perfect match.

Embroidered cape 

This dreamy intricate style could easily be worn with a grand lehenga or an embellished wedding gown. Made from detailed embroidery and decorated with intricate hand-beaded detailing, this cape has lots to fall in love with.

Tulle cape 

These stunning raw-edge tulle capes are   perfection at it’s finest. Soft and gauzy, it’s the perfect touch for brides wanting an alternative to a floor-length dupatas.Made from soft, fine silk, cotton, or nylon material these tulle capes add a flowerly touch to your bridal look.