Bridal checklist for a week before the wedding 


Brides are always too excited for their big day, and at times this excitement causes them a few irresponsible acts. And we’re sure that you don’t want to miss out on any detail for your fairytale day. So, listed below are a few things that all you brides should take care of a week before your final day.

Lehenga fittings


Well, of course, you are super excited to get all dolled up in your magical lehenga right? But what if it doesn’t fit you on your wedding day? Yea, this sounds like a heartbreaking blunder, and in order to avoid this, you should make sure that your lehenga is with you a week or two before the wedding just so you can check all the tiny details and fittings to any end moment hassle on your wedding day. 

Bridesmaid gifts 

Your bridesmaids are your constant support and that is a given, so just to facilitate them for all that they have been doing for you or have ever done for you, you should make sure that you order the bridesmaid token prior. This way you will not have to be stressed about the late delivery, right? 

Make sure of your glass slipper


Of course, we know that you’re not Cinderella, but you can always feel like one. So, discussing a few things to add to the bridal checklist a week before, then you should make sure that heels are comfortable. Make sure that you’ll feel comfortable walking around in those heels, and if not then you shall take a backup along as well.

Skincare check 

Oh, trust me ladies you don’t want dull and clumsy-looking skin on your wedding day. So, you ladies should start preparing for your skincare not just a week before but way prior to that. Make sure that you’re using the right techniques to follow a flawless skincare regime. 

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