Bridal Chooda Designs that have Our Hearts


There is no doubt that wedding jewelry is on our minds every time. Well, how can someone not think of iridescent bijoux which might be worn once in a lifetime, but has intricacy to die for. Bet, no bride would trade her jewelry for anything in the world. So, here is another blog that will be discussing our top picks for you. But, this one’s special. Today we will be looking at some charming ideas for Bridal Chooda. Chooda is a collection of 21 bangles that are adorned by a soon-to-be-married woman of Indian origin, as a symbol of the matrimony, and continued to be worn for a period of months –

  1. The Classic Red and White
The evergreen red and white chooda.

Nobody can beat this traditional chooda design for Indian women. The evergreen combination of deep red and bright white bangles holds utmost value in ancient books. It also blends well with the red couture donned by the brides. A monochrome yet charismatic look where the true essence of the wedding bangle is restored time and again, is what comprises the red and white chooda. As mentioned, this one is usually paired with red outfits, but since brides have been experimenting with the colors of their attires, red and white can stay with all.

  1. Pastel Hues
This bride has matched her pastel wedding lehnga with this elegant pink chooda.

With changing times, wedding themes are also evolving. People are engaging more with subtle tones more to create an effortless effect. This also takes a toll on the bride’s outfit. While they are opting for baby pinks, blues, and greens, the color for the chooda is also changing. Many brides are coordinating their pastel lehngas with pastel choodas. And honestly, that look is to swear by. It is heavenly and eye-pleasing to the core when the matrimonial bangles emerge out of an embellished muted tone out of nowhere.

  1. Angelic White
Eternally beautiful – white chooda.

Want to go all dreamy and no bling? White seems right. Originating from the lands of Rajasthan, where newly married women wear huge white bangles to showcase their matrimony, white chooda has come a long way. Urban states have given this one their own twist by switching to an all-white wedding chooda. Another variation is an off-white chooda, which gives a purposely done raw finish to your outlook. Brides can choose to wear white if their couture is all white, or if they wish to color block.

  1. Customized Picks
A customized chooda with the names of the partners.

Customized chooda bangles have been in trend for a long time, and it has been changing throughout the years. It started with including different styles of bangles and bracelets in the chooda, and went on to include the groom’s or the couple’s names on the bangles. Nowadays, couples are going wild by including their photograph on the chooda too! Well, this one’s a free move and you are allowed to add any personal touch to the symbol of your marriage.

  1. Gilded Glamour
Grace meets royalty with a golden chooda.

Here comes the epitome of glamour – golden chooda. This one is a no-brainer if you want to go for a royal yet vintage look, Indian yet Egyptian dress-up. Golden chooda bangles look flawlessly elegant if they are styled up, or else you would resemble a walking gold mine. Brides with white, ivory or golded ensembles should definitely adorn a golden chooda as it serves a refined look, that is nothing less than a goddess coming to life.

  1. Multi-Toned
Various colors included in this multi-toned chooda.

Multi-colored choodas are not so popular right now, so you can pick this one to begin a new trend. There is no particular way to go multi-toned. You can choose a variety of tones depending on your outfit or your choice. Brides may also go vibgyor with this one as it will add more texture to the final outcome. Make sure that this does not cross over your attire as that would be too much. Opt for subtle shades of lehngas or sarees, if you are willing to wear a multi-colored chooda.