Bridal Hairstyles for Long Tresses


Walking with long tresses, swaying till her subtle waist with eyes getting coy in élan, certainly makes her steal plenty of glances on her D-DAY. From the vintage damsels and dames to cinematic or bona fide brides of contemporary genre who are all in limelight essentially with an enormous length of hair that tends to display a dazzling poise and semblance. As per Martin Luther, “Hair is the richest ornament of women.” Be it subtle, be it bizarre or be it royal to match up with your dress, we have delved into latest hairstyles and trends, to make sure that you radiate a stunning charm making spectators glue their gape at you.

Fine-tuning with dupatta for North Indians and the flower ornaments in the south, do beyond the tried and tested buns or braids. For the engagement, you can go totally creative; let it loose in curls, do a chic side bun for your hair or a fishtail braid, tie it in a sleek pony, the options are utterly limitless. Let’s fashion in with what is in rage. Celebrity hairstylist and creative director of Geetanjali Salon, Sumit Israni shares, “The most chic hairdos for long hair this wedding season are soft waves, loosely tied braid, chignon buns, one-sided hair styles and for cocktails, you can elevate the glam factor with messy and wet look.”

The Enchanting Braids

These different types of braids when all primed, sheds an ecstatic and romantic glance. The captivating part is that it’s a braid made for leaving your hair down. So you can flaunt your lengthy locks in all your pre-wedding functions and display your chirpy innocence which is soon going to blossom in sophistication of a demure bride.

Waterfall Braids

Pooja Savla, Creative Director at MyGlamm shares, “Smoothen the hair with blow dryer and then take two sections of hair, cross the section of hair along your hairline over the other section so it’s away from your face. Further, take a new section of hair from the top of your head, and let it fall on top of the section you just pulled away from your face. Now drop the section of hair you just placed so it falls through your twist, giving the waterfall effect. Now moving ahead, take the bottom division of hair, and pull it over the waterfall segment. Next, take another section of hair from the top of your head to make another waterfall piece. Let it fall through the other segments. Repeat this process till you reach the other end of the hair. Finally, this whimsical waterfall braid is ready.”

Fishtail Braid

Pull your hair back into a ponytail at the side of your neck; it’s easier to do a side fishtail braid to start with. Split the ponytail into two smaller, equal-sized sections. Take a small section of hair from the outside of the left ponytail, and pull this piece across the top of the left ponytail over to the right ponytail, making sure to keep the hair flat. Do the same on the other side of the ponytail, and keep working until you reach the end of your ponytail.

Messy and Wet Long Coiffure

Messy and wet updos for long locks is very much in vogue. Even a straight out of the bed look gives a very sensuous and dramatic touch to the persona of the bride-to-be in her pre-wedding functions and dates. The messy fly-aways and the free bangs, all add to the untidy chic style. These styles take less time and effort. A side part with messy curly waves gives a sexy feel to the style. It’s unkempt yet attractive. You don’t need a styling product for this. The spikes like waves are easy to get. Use the fingers to style the wet hair after applying a qualitative hair gel or mousse. The spikes are blunt and exude a messy essence to your hairdo. The fine bangs and crumpled layers give the perfect disheveled style which can be achieved by playing fingers.

Shades of Curls

Celebrity hairstylist Sumit Israni further shares, “Half tied , half-open vintage curls, swept on the side dressed with flowers on the other side is the latest chic as it goes well with traditional lehenga and also with gown and other contemporary attire.” For this glam look, try lots of curls all pinned to one side and a little puff at the back with a side flick further beautified with flowers like vintage damsels. Simple messy curls are also in fashion.One of the simple hairdo is hair pinned up with bobby pins. It is sleek and classy. It has a clean finish and royal look. Here the hair is curled while doing a vintage updo. That’s why it falls under modern bridal hairstyles with a contemporary twist. Pooja Savla, Creative Director at MyGlamm further adds, “Soft waves with lots of volume and movement with hair accessories like passa is the new trend this season.” Soft waves can be achieved with the help of tongs or curling machine.”

Vintage Classy Chignon

This is a trendy bun that goes beyond that traditional low bun, the fierceness of these retro chignon-meets-victory rolls are a rage with its trendy style of tucking in. This dreamy twisted hairstyle is a lovely choice for long locks. We love this perfectly imperfect look and the chic edge it adds to any formal ensemble. It is not only hot but it’s also easy. Firstly, part your hair in the middle or off to the side, whichever you prefer. Pull your hair into two pony tails, creating a high pony and a low pony tail. Take out the high pony tail, separate the left and right side. Leave two and a half-inch strands from the left and right side untouched. They will be hanging in front of your face. Pull the rest of the left and right sides and form a low bun. Take the right side and pull it over the left side of the low bun, pinning it into your little loop. Then do the same with the left, crisscrossing the two pieces. Pin any loose ends. Take tresses that are sticking out from under your bun and pin them underneath so that they are hidden. Twist or Braid back and now you can leave a little hair out when you do this to give it a stunning and messy look.

Styling Tips for Brides-to-be

All you need to do is have some braiding, bunning and pinning skills and some playing with fingers for unkempt hair and get geared up to spill your gorgeousness on your special day. Renowned celebrity hair stylist and make up expert, Ashima Kapoor shares some tips for a bride-to-be for her D-day’s coiffure.

❉ Choose a hairstyle that you feel comfortable in and can carry; not simply because it’s in trend.
❉ Consult your hairstylist and discuss what hairstyle will suit your face structure.
❉ Choose a hairstyle that would complement your outfit.

Beautifying these hairstyles by fresh flowers is always a good option; dressy headbands look very glamorous. You can further adorn it with pins, hair combs and brooches that could look very interesting if placed well.

In addition to this, celebrity hair stylist and creative director of Geetanjali Salon, Sumit Israni shares, “Brides should start with hair treatment few months before the D-Day so that her hair appear shiny and stunning. For beautiful hairstyle on your special day, stylists always prefer shiny hair.” So, brides-to-be go gorgeous on your wedding day with these classy and trendy hairstyles. Here’s a toast from the Wedding Affair team to your happy and blissful wedding.