Bridal Lehenga Colours According To Your Zodiac Sign

Bridal Lehenga Colors According To Zodiac Sign - Wedding Affair

Whether you have to check the compatibility with your groom-to-be or finalise the dates of the nuptial based on the right signs, you might have paid attention to the zodiac signs. Our zodiac signs influence a lot of aspects of our life like relationships, work, finances and intimacy. Just like each zodiac sign has its birthstone, there is a specific colour for all the zodiac signs with whom they can establish the strongest connection. Those who believe would know, lucky colours and lucky numbers through zodiac signs play a significant role in our lives. To look affluent and to stay connected with your zodiac sign at your wedding, we have curated a list of colours that resembles your zodiac sign and reflects your vibrant persona.

Aries: Red 

Red Color Lehenga

Red LehengaAries are the ones who are filled with energy, passion, initiative and excitement. There is no other colour that describes passion better than red. This fire sign is ruled by Mars and embodies enigma and confidence. Arian brides are high-spirited and should go for a lehenga with a red hue to evoke grit and courage. You can either opt for a heavily embellished lehenga with vertical motifs or smaller motifs with a plain silk blouse to look at every bit of the royal bride. Go for elegant chokers and studded jewellery that will complement the excitement and passion of the colour.

Taurus: Green 

Green Lehenga

Green Color LehengaGreen is the lucky colour of the Taureans. Taurus symbolises the earth element and is ruled by Venus. Green colour associates well with the earth and the lush pastures on which the bull (Taurus sign) resides in. Green is the symbol of growth and prosperity. As this colour is considered auspicious to be adorned on your big day, it makes you look magnificent as well. This fresh colour will make you look unique at your wedding. As the colour is vibrant in itself, don’t go overboard with your makeup and accentuate your look with matching jewellery.  

Gemini: Yellow 

Yellow Color Lehenga

Yellow LehengaThis zodiac sign is ruled by mercury. The best colour recommended for Gemini is yellow. The warmth and golden hues of this colour make you look captivating. This bright colour is for brides who are high-spirited and energetic. Adorn a yellow lehenga on your wedding day and radiate effortlessly. For a modern touch go for colour contrast and add a pop of colour of pink, magenta or green with your bridal ensemble.

Cancer: Silver 

Silver Lehenga

Silver Color LehengaMoon is the ruling planet of Cancer. Shine bright like a star and the moon (Cancer’s ruling planet) for the most memorable day of your life. Silver colour resonates with bling and unparalleled glam, a vibe that is perfect for your big day. Calming to the eyes, silver exudes desire and a sense of mystery. This gleaming lehenga colour will make you look mesmerising and you will turn heads around. Enhance your look with shining diamond jewellery and a neat hairdo.

Leo: Gold

Golden Lehenga

Golden Color LehengaLeo folks are fearless. This zodiac sign is ruled by the sun, so you should wear a colour that associates well with light, sun and fire. We cannot think of any colour more extravagant than golden. This colour adds a classy and regal touch to the Leo brides. Adorn a golden lehenga and be the queen of your big day. As the lehenga will captivate all the attention, you should wear minimal jewellery of big stones.

Virgo: Ivory 

Ivory Lehenga

Ivory Color LehengaVirgo is a calm soul and should go for lighter hues. Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo. Refreshing, dazzling and awe-inspiring, an ivory-coloured bridal lehenga is the favourite choice of millennial brides. Going with the minimalistic quotient, you can adorn an ivory lehenga on your big day and pair it with emeralds, polka or diamond jewellery. You can either accentuate this lehenga with heavily embellished jewellery or match the minimal vibe with a choker or statement earrings.

Libra: Pink

Pink Lehenga

Pink Color LehengaLibra is ruled by Venus. Calm, composed and soft at heart Libra brides should opt for pink colour lehenga. Pink comes in endless shades and hues. It complements the sweet and loving nature of the Libra bride. Add a touch of feminine allure to your look by accentuating a pink lehenga for your nuptial. You can go for pastel shades or look vibrant with magenta hues. Cap off your look with gleaming diamonds or the luscious emerald jewellery and look bewitching at your wedding.

Scorpio: Purple 

Purple Lehenga

Purple Color LehengaScorpio souls are optimistic, flexible and confident. Mars is the ruling planet of incredibly passionate Scorpios. Wearing a confident colour on their big day will embrace their inner spirit. Purple is one of the most confident, expressive and alluring colours a Scorpio bride can wear. Go for intricate designs of gold or monochromatic tones that will make you look like an ultra-modern bride. Wear minimal jewellery with heavily embellished lehenga or statement jewellery with a monochromatic ensemble to enhance the look.  

Sagittarius: Orange 

Orange Lehenga

Orange Color LehengaJupiter rules this zodiac sign and colour like orange proves lucky for Sagittarius folks. You can opt for any hue of orange like pastel, peach or deep and look enchanting on your wedding day. The colour orange brings peace and is considered a promising colour for wedding rituals. This colour offers you the opportunity to experiment with your look. Go for a heavily embellished lehenga with details of gold matching the attire.

Capricorn: Brown 

Brown Lehenga

Brown Color LehengaThe Capricorn zodiac sign is ruled by Saturn. Stability and a strong emotional state are essential personality attributes for earthy Capricorn brides. For a regal look opt for shades of brown like muted brown or shades of bronze and look dynamic. Go for a statement polki choker and matha patti and neat hair buns to look magnificent. To add extra luxe you can opt for a velvet fabric lehenga that will make you a royal bride.

Aquarius: Blue 

Blue Lehenga

Blue Color LehengaSaturn rules this zodiac sign. For Aquarian brides, blue is a quintessential colour. Any shade of blue, be it turquoise, ultramarine or even pastel, will add ethereal beauty to your look. Lighter hues of blue go well with day weddings whereas darker shades are perfect for night weddings. Intricately designed lehenga with a pastel shade dupatta or deep V-neck blouse design lehenga will look astonishing for modern brides.

Pisces: Pastel Green 

Pastel Green Lehenga

Pastel Green LehengaMillennial brides are donning lehenga of pastel shades, why not wear pastel green? Pisces zodiac sign is ruled by Jupiter. This serene colour embraces the nurturing nature of the Pisces bride. Pastel green represents renewal and inspiration. Adorn a pastel green lehenga and complete your look with jewellery made of emeralds and pearls to enhance the look. You can also add a pastel pink lehenga for colour contrast. Add a passa to look more appealing.