Bridal scents to match your moodboard and style


From floral to sensual  to woody or  classic orientals, you should always try to keep a signature wedding perfume for your big day. Why? Cause it’s a sensory smell that you will remember for ages to come and also its important that you do smell great for your most special wedding ceremonies. A bridal trousseau which is a set with all things pretty, including your skincare, makeup, and clothes is incomplete without a range of perfumes to match your personality and set the perfect first impressions. Remember there is no right or wrong scent, there is only a scene which you prefer or don’t. But we sure can help you know what is available to help you feel confident and beautiful, and puts the spotlight on you, with the fragrance that’s meant for you.

The Bohemian outlook 

If you are all about bending the rules with your whimsical nature and your airy personality, you are easy-going, but at the same time pretty. Then your someone who makes her scent an extension of her personality, you love the scene of free spirited lilies and violets with a grounding touch of moss and woods—then the classic bouquet of rose and jasmine.

Our suggestion:

Marc Jacobs Perfect

It is a playful amber floral scent inspired by the designer’s vision that speaks for the words ‘I am perfect as I am.’ With bright notes of daffodils and rhubarb mingling along with the intense strength of cedar and softness of cashmere it creates a charismatic fragrance perfect for a free spirited bride 

The classic touch 

If your someone driven by nostalgia and romance and appreciates what has stood the test of time. Your a traditional one, not merely attached to traditions but believes that true romance is timeless. You have dreamed of getting married in your  mother’s wedding dress to celebrate the past with your future, then you’re sure to be elegant, dreamy with old-world charm which will be  the keywords for your scent moodboard. So think lotus, musky, grapefruit or multi floral.

Our suggestion:

Mocemsa The Proposal

Mocemsa The Proposal is a fresh and multi floral fragrance that is a compliment-fetcher thanks to the presence of freesia, pink lychee, lily of the valley, Turkish rose petals, cedarwood Atlantic & musk. This blend is an unmissable addition to the trousseau if you like the feeling of holding close a blooming bouquet in your hands or your hair for your big day.

The Glamorous Bride

If you  bask in all the attention that comes your way easily and your completely aware of your presence and dress up to stand out in a crowd. You are conscious and selective and fashionable and know your trends. You’re not over the top or outrageous in your choices but you breath and live with style, then you are the glamorous bride whose taste  is exquisite as you bridal look.we know you would choose something seductive as your scenes consisting of bergamot, sage or  peony notes.

Our suggestion 

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum Légère

Good Girl Eau de Parfum Légère is a more floral and candied version of the original Good Girl, and will be the perfect choice for the vintage bride. It has tonka beans and jasmine trail of the original nut, and instead of the sensual tuberose, there is now a greener presence of ylang-ylang. The fragrance is good and the bottle is a keeper. This one is a must-have in every bride’s collection.