Bridal tips to conquer the wedding: one night before edition 


Being a bride sure looks like a glamorous job to adhere to, but there million little things that you need to focus on. We have a list of four tips that you brides need to follow one night before your wedding day in order to avoid certain backlashes in your fairytale beginning.

High on water: Stay hydrated


While being a bride is one of the most magical feelings in this whole wide world, you really need to maintain that beauty and calm of yours a night before you’re about to get married. So, the first tip in here would be to stay hydrated and to keep your skin as shiny as your future with your beloved. Trust me, you really don’t want a dull and tired-looking face in that bridal outfit of yours, and drinking water instead of caffeinated drinks will help you look all naturally gorgeous and glammed up on your big day.

Beauty sleep: Dream your way in!

Well, yea, we get it that this is the last day that you’re spending with your family and your friends as a bachelor, but girl you really need to get some sleep. You can probably stay up all night after a cocktail bash or something, but a date before your big day you ladies need your share of beauty sleep. Getting proper sleep the night before will keep your skin glowing and your vibe refreshing. So, just drop that thought of staying up all night in anxiety or for fun maybe, because you really need to look your best self in those wedding pictures, right? So, sweet dreams brides!

A healthy meal for the night


Well, there is no restriction on food while we talk about weddings, but that isn’t the case for all the lovely breeds out there. Especially the night before your big day, you should opt for a healthy and wealthy meal just for the sake of your bridal look. We do understand that you might be all temped for some rich Indian food, but hold on to those cravings as that might lead to an upsetting stomach which in turn will ruin the best day of your life.

Dust off the stress!

Now, this one is one of the most important one, all you girls have been planning for a fairytale wedding since childhood so you would not want your stressed vibe to spoil your future, right? So, it is better to shake off the stress and cut yourself some slack because we’re talking of your fairytale wedding and we would not want you to ruin your sleep and your glowing skin with all that stress.

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