Bride’s most Desired Diamond Rings


Your preference for the engagement ring determines a lot about your choices regarding wedding planning. Choosing the right diamond for your fiancé-to-be is very important. It is more or less the first step of the milestone that leads to the big day of your life. So, calmly contemplating and making the right choice for your bride-to-be’s ring will win you over her heart forever. 


Channel Set Ring


 Platinum channel set engagement ring style give a sharp design to the ring besides upholding the diamond’s stability. The smaller diamonds are securely labelled and creatively placed on the band of the ring. The diamonds and gemstones can be customised according to the customer’s preferences to offer the ring a fresh invented look. The sparkling effect of the ring is overall enhanced in a way that it looks both beautiful as well as secured. Also, one of the major characteristics of the Channel set ring is that it will not snag with your delicate and fancy dresses. 



Solitaire setting Ring


 Although the solitaire setting ring is common, it still is the most preferred engagement ring among the brides. This is the classic ring style in which a metal claw holds the diamond in place. The solitaire setting ring looks immensely attractive and gives a sleek sober appearance to the hand in which it is worn. This timeless look does not demand much maintenance and is also easy to clean.    



Tension setting Ring


 This uniquely crafted tension setting engagement ring provides the most modern and stylish look to the customer. The metal surrounding the diamond is very minimum, as a result of which the diamond brightly glows due to light’s reflection. As compared to the solitaire setting ring, the tension setting ring requires less maintenance. Although the tension setting ring is wonderful in all aspects it is, however, a bit difficult and costly to resize. 





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