Bridesmaid Edition: Beauty tips for the bridesmaid


Wedding jitters is not just a concept for the bride and the groom, instead, it is also a concept of worry for the bridesmaids. Because cmon, there are like a thousand things that bridesmaids need to be responsible for, but what about their beauty tips? Well, not to worry as we got you all covered up! Have a look at a few bridesmaid beauty tips in order to slay your Bff’s wedding. 

A big No to baggy eyes 

Well well WELL, this is one of the most important beauty tips that your bridesmaids need to take into account. Yes, we know that brides are the ultimate show stoppers, but even the bridesmaids are quite important to add the touch of glamour to the wedding, and cmon, they’re the ultimate support systems of the bride. Bridesmaids need to make sure of the fact that there are no eye bags before the and wedding. Icing, proper sleep, and massage will help you look all gorgeous and fresh the next morning. You might as well take care of your eye bags before the wedding because while you’re in it you’re bound to cry. 

Overdose on your Highlighter 

‘Enough with the highlighter’ said no girl ever. And speaking of your beauty tips as a bridesmaid well then we would say that go crazy on highlighter. Make sure that you’re dabbing that highlighter on your inner corners, cheekbones, nose, and your collar bone. You’re the bridesmaid and shining with sass and glitter should be your ultimate goal. 

Don’t forget to match the theme! 

Well, this is something that we all know, but still, there is no harm in mentioning it right? There is often a theme set by the bridesmaids, so it is suggested for you to design and decide your entire outfit according to those color schemes, patterns, and other themes as per decided by your other fellows, and of course by the bride herself. It should be a “matching” affair, and you all should look like dazzling divas while walking down the aisle 

Lastly, Take a chill pill! 

Yes, this is a beauty tip for all the bridesmaids, we know that handling the bridal affair can be an overwhelming task, but you need to focus on your beauty as well. Make sure not to stress too much or overwork yourselves as that might give you wrinkles and stress pimples. And who would want an ugly zit on the bog day? So, just take a chill pill, grab a glass of champagne and just focus on your bride squad!!

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