Bring out the bohemian effects in your wedding decor 


Deciding on the perfect wedding decor sure is a task. But if you’re looking for some unique bohemian ideas to infuse in your wedding decor well then here we a few decor ideas that you can use for magical decor on your big day.

Try out Teepee tents


Well, speaking of wedding decorations, especially nowadays then the age-old traditions of going all loud and gaudy is a little lost somewhere. And this is because the couples like to keep the affair mellow and on a vintage side more than that on a bright side. And now to begin with some boho wedding decor ideas, then how about adding a magical essence of the teepee tents on one corner? you can use these teepee tents as a part of your photo booth plus, these tents are like the cutest boho additions to your wedding decor. And make sure to give a romantic and extra effect to your teepee tents, because after all, it’s your WEDDING!!

Time to catch up on your dreams

dream catchers

Yea, that sure sounds a little baffling, but let us simplify it a bit, we’re talking about dream catchers here. While we’re at it, then the second tip into adding a boho effect in your wedding decor is adding up dream catchers as a part of your hangings on the canopy or even on the entrance might make your wedding look like a vintage bohemian rhapsody. Adding some dream catchers on your venue roof with some fairy lights for a magical essence will keep you in the #BohoVibe that you’ve been craving.

Plush seating

Well, the routine chairs and sofas are too old-fashioned, right? How about we drop the idea of keeping chairs and sofas at all, and instead add a plush seating arrangement? What we aim at in intending is that you guys can probably lay out some rich fabricated cushions on some thick mattresses. This way your wedding would look nothing like some cliched one, instead it’s going to be everything, but ordinary.

Boho barrels


What are the most fun and the most crowded part of any wedding ceremony? Of course, it’s the bar! So, speaking of some boho ideas, how about using some rusty wooden barrels as your bar stands? The barrels will give you the natural essence of a #BohoChic wedding, most of all you can enjoy all you want with your squad on a perfectly mellow boho bar set up.

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