Bringing in the bohemian vibe

Bohemian decor

The visuals of bohemian architecture share an uncanny similarity with jazz from the 1920s. Each instrument plays its own music yet concord into a symphony of mesmerising. Analogously, in bohemian decor each piece sings a tale of your freedom of choice, dwelling calmly into an abode of relaxation. Nothing needs to match. It can coordinate or maybe not even that.

Splurge On Colours And Patterns

Go maverick with colours and patterns. Since bohemian decor is all about vivid textile arrangements, you can certainly head to the nearest upholstery store and buy as many distinguished patterns and weaves as possible. The best tip that experts share is to select vintage fabrics and patterns. Silks and other woven fabrics bring out the best of colours, be it brights or pastels. Pop colours not only bring the essence of novelty but also are a great way to energise flocked motifs. Choice of red, fuschia, blue or yellow, the palette is all yours to choose. This bohemian taste allows a variety to be selected from. For instance, monochrome rugs with mint green walls and bright coloured upholstery can create the best visual of a cheerful place for your living room. Traditional handwoven rugs or dhurries elevate the space by adding a vintage spirit. 

Bohemian decor

The Minimalistic Way

While the idea is to bring about an entire rainbow of colours and patterns into the decor, the conservative approach is the way to lead. Downplaying some aspects while elevating the others optimizes the bohemian decor of your space. A bedroom’s vibe must exhibit leisure and composure. Interesting additions of large colourful fringes as canopy skirts of a canopied poster bed and tasselled beddings can bring a rendition of sweet romance. Strings of fairy lights can be used to bring just the right amount of warm light into the room.

A number of big and small cushions can adorn your bed to add a zest of colours. If the designing is restrictive of the area, patina wrought iron furniture are known to accommodate space with great style. Embellishments in the form or mirror work in perky hues can grace the walls as well as cushions. Large mirrors on walls can also be used to replicate the bohemian decor while adding a sense of more space.  

Picks From The Tours

This is the best aspect of the bohemian decor. Now, selecting the best souvenirs from your upcoming trip or those hiding in the boxes from your last can finally find a place they deserve. Souvenirs are the best way to walk down the memory lane. Memorabilia collected during your holidays offer a quick deja-vu and must so be placed in your active space. While separate shelves or tables can be used for securing the intricates ones, you can always flaunt the others hanging on the walls or at house approaches. During your next holiday keep an eye on interesting metal artefacts, handcrafted tapestries and street paintings. Such pieces not only bring memories but also paint a fresh canvas for the visitors at your home. 

Bohemian decor
Stephanie Harvey

Accents Make A Difference

Home accents comprise of the beautiful things that make your house appear a humble abode. The choice of appropriate accents showcases the design theme and the character of the owner of the house. Overplaying of accents can congest your decor’s composition. You can illustrate an outdoor space with a small permanent or portable water fixture. Extensive use of woven materials like jute in the form of outdoor furniture, decorative baskets and planters can provide for a serene experience. Elaborately embroidered all-weather upholstery can deck up your seaters. Assorted plants, vibrant masks, murals, marble statues and hanging brass figurines or lights help create a kaleidoscope of greens and golds under an open sky.

Going bohemian surely leaves an everlasting impression of happiness and easy to achieve. Embrace assorted colours and designs in your abode in the new year and do write into us sharing the experience of your new radiant home.

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