Bromance and all that it results in!



The  foundation of Bromance is about how much a guy enjoys when he is with his guy friends. The theory is about the space which guys require for their guy friends and enjoy the time to its fullest. Men share friendships at a more shoulder-to-shoulder level, than face to face interactions.  Men might not consider meeting each other every day, they tend to build that trust and bond within themselves which is way beyond of meeting everyday.

Bromance helps a guy find someone who vibes in the same frequency as theirs. Usually filled with all sorts of macho pursuits like drinking beer, hanging around, play pool and video games and discussing women ofcourse!

Principles of bromance:

  •  A guy stays away from his friend’s sister or his best friend’s ex-girlfriend
  • He pledges his life in trying to cover up for a friend cheating on his girlfriend with a hotter female.
  • Try to break in the sanctity of the male circle of friendship or their outings like crazy road trip over wild bachelor parties and one will offend them to no end.
  • A male best friend is his friends wing man, now and forever.

While it sounds like a bond that lasts for a lifetime, what concerns us is the length men can go to, to save their bromance from dying in the hands of their love interests.

It is always hard for a man climbing the rocky mountains of a committed relationship, to do full justice to his girlfriend and his friends at the same time. Juggling both the romances for men is hard enough.

Everyone needs Space

Ladies, if you have been pulling your man your side for too long and all your efforts have been fruitless so far, stop and breathe. Men hate it when you make their decisions for them. Remember, it is all about your equation with your partner. This remains a temporary phase in every one’s life because sooner or later, friends vanish with the changing requirements and demands of life only few with deep and true friendship remain. Do not be the girl who needs his man around 24*7. Let this be an opportunity for you to find time for your friends. Give him and yourself the much needed break.

Give it Time

While we would never suggest you to force yourself to be friends with his best friend brat who might annoy you for a million reasons,  but it is important to understand his time management as well. Don’t panic if sometimes he chooses his friends over you to hang around and talk with because it’s perfectly fine to give quality time even to your friends.

 Kill the Pamper Me Game

Do not make it a bad habit of getting pampered only by your guy, you can also prioritize and take care of your self. Salons and parlours are a great way of pampering your self apart from shopping. When your guy is busy with his friends, it could be your much needed time to focus on yourself. You can cook, read, travel, watch, learn or surf the internet or you can go meet your friends and spend quality time with them.

Do not Hover

Giving someone space, in it’s truest sense, means freeing them from the clutches of constant nagging. And freeing yourself from the dependency of having them around all the time. Do yourself a favor and let it go! Men do what they do, when they want to, and standing on their way or constant catching up with their schedule will drive their and your peace away. If you want to kill your curious worms, remember, his will come back home to you.

Communicate the right thing at the right time

The universal truth is, men are blindfolded about their brothers. There is not much we can or should change about that, because a bro-bro bond is a beautiful in itself. But if a friend he has too much faith on bothers you, brings you down or ruins your peace and faith in each other, be vocal about it. At the end of the day, the two of you have a life to make together, and no bond in the world is as special as yours. Do not veil your insecurities behind the need to be the perfect person. Be real and say how you feel. If you are in a matured relationship, your fears, discomforts and insecurities will be taken care of, and if you are not, it’s a good thing you found out. Now, go make the right decision for yourself.



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