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Brow trends – and subsequently the way we style and groom our eyebrows – have transformed dramatically over the last five years. Just two years ago, the beauty-sphere was obsessed with perfectly tweezed and sculpted eyebrows, fast forward to 2021 and the boy brow has taken over. If you don’t recognize the reference, you’ll have seen the trend on Instagram: it’s natural, fluffy, and feathered. As a result, snatching our brows with concealer and creating perfectly crisp edges is no longer a technique seen in every Instagram makeup video. Here’s our updated list of brow hacks and techniques that will help you achieve the eyebrow look everyone is obsessing over.

Ditch your Tweezers

2021’s eyebrow is dramatic, overgrown but most importantly, it’s natural. So ditch the tweezers for a six-week period to allow your natural shape to reappear. Once you’ve reached the six-week mark, clean up any stray hairs, and add definition to your arch.

Don’t be Afraid to Tint your Brows

Tinting instantly emphasizes the brow as it defines lighter and finer hairs to help to create an overall fuller appearance. Plus, it’s so easy to do at home.

Use Castor Oil to Encourage Natural Growth  

Castor oil is an amazing natural growth elixir and since 2021’s brow is full and fluffy, castor oil should be your go-to. Every night soak a Q-tip in castor oil and coat your lashes and brows. Be patient, and you should see results around six to eight weeks in.

Brush your Brows Down

Brush the brows in a downwards motion before filling them in. This will help you see the true natural shape so you can figure out where the gaps and imbalances are.

Create a Natural Gradient Using Two Shades 

To create the perfect eyebrow gradient, use two shades – if you use the same shade throughout your brows, it can make them look too harsh and less natural. Opt for a lighter shade for the front of your eyebrows and a darker color for the arch and tail.  

Set Your Brows 

If you don’t have a brow gel handy, soak a spooley in setting spray and comb it through your eyebrows. It’ll help set the brows in place all day long. You can also use a hairspray for a similar finish.

Skip Powder for Natural Brows

If you have sparse eyebrows, consider using a powder to fill them in, then brush them through with a spoolie to diffuse and soften the powder. Finally, use a pencil to add hair-like strokes for more definition and texture.

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