Build a Capsule Wardrobe with These Essentials


A capsule wardrobe is an organizing and lifestyle concept in which you only invest in some classic pieces from which you can create multiple outfits and can look as good as new each day. The concept of a capsule wardrobe is quite sustainable and affordable along with being in the trend.

But choosing some classic clothing items from an infinite number of options can be a bit confusing and overwhelming. But, worry not we are here to clear that confusion and to help you make the trendiest and the most fashionable wardrobe ever!

    • T-shirts

T-shirts can be dressed up as well as dressed down without much effort. They can go with any type of footwear as well as lowers. From jeans to skirts and from heels to sneakers. Invest in good pair of T-shirts in the colours white, black and any other colour to create multiple outfits for multiple occasions.

    • Shirts

Shirts are great to wear especially in a professional setting. They help you in looking polished and sophisticated. They are great for any formal event. You can buy 3-4 shirts in different colours and styles to create multiple looks.

    • Denims

Denims are a classic and can last quite a long time if they are of good quality. They are great for casual wear and can make you look carefree and playful at the same time. You can wear a statement top to dress up your jeans. Comfortable pair of jeans in blue and black colours will last a really long time.

    • Pants and Shorts

Buy two pairs of pants and one pair of shorts to have various dressing options. Make sure to buy these in neutral colours like brown, beige or white to pair them with any coloured top.

    • Skirt

Invest in a single pair of classic skirt which you can wear with different tops and on different occasions. This can be a classic tweet skirt or a statement piece which can make any boring outfit interesting.

    • Blazer

A classic blazer is a great option as you can use it to make any outfit formal. It is also a great piece to do layering. It will instantly make you look premium and classy.

    • Some winter Essentials ( Sweaters and a trench coat)

A few pairs of sweaters or turtlenecks in various colours and styles and one trench coat in brown or black colour will save you from cold and help you create multiple looks with the pieces you have in your wardrobe.

    • Dresses

Dresses are great for any party and even for some formal event. Have 2-3 dresses- one a classic black dress to wear on a date or for a night out, one a flowy dress for hanging out with your friends or going on a picnic and lastly a formal dress for official wear to look classy and feminine at the same time.

    • Foot wears

3-4 different kinds of footwear- a pair of sensible heels in a versatile shade, one pair of sandals, boots and sneakers will go with all your outfits without causing much confusion. With these footwear, you’ll easily be ready for any type of function or event.

Thus, making a capsule wardrobe is not only fun but is also very functional. It is especially good for you if you are on a budget or live in a place which has less closet space. This is one of the easy steps toward more sustainable living all while being fashionable and stylish.

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