Cake designs for Bridal Shower


You might have seen mind-blowing cake designs in your lifetime and cakes designed for weddings are more than special. But to think about a unique idea for a Bridal shower cake is quite challenging. That is why we have shortlisted some of the unique cake designs for the bridal shower.

The Goodbye Cake


To your lovely sister or best friend, kiss goodbye with special warmth and love! Is she someone who loves doing makeup and is obsessed with her elegant makeup kit? Then this is the exact cake that you have searching to make her bridal shower extremely special! Go for a theme that best matches with the bride’s personality and it will drive her crazy about how industrious your efforts had been!

A Sober Surprise Cake


If the bride to be is sophisticated and reserved, delicate and selective, then she would surely love a cake that is as beautiful as her heart. A bridal figure on the cake which is adorned in jewels and draped in the bridal fabric is sure to match the bride’s high profile taste and preferences. 

Or maybe she would love a cake that clearly illustrates her journey as a maiden and her victory of reaching this stage in her life; the most awaited moment of becoming a bride!

A Cake that Turns on the Next Switch

The Bridal Box

A cake that may remind the bride of her groom-to-be will seem to her the most special of all the other designs. It will not only turn on her sexual desires but will also be a sort of embarrassing for her to cut such a cake before her bridesmaids. But don’t fret, it will all lead to lots of teasing and a fun-filled atmosphere at the party.

The bridal box

After all, a bridal shower filled with laughter and unending conversations is the real idea of spending this specious time!