Calm Your Anxiety Before ‘Doing It’ With Your Partner


It is very natural to get the jitters before having sex with your partner for the first time. But you need to calm down; nothing wrong can happen when you are having safe and consensual sex. Remember, both of you have been mentally preparing for this, and both of you are ready to explore each others’ bodies to share your passion with each other.

If anything, at all, goes wrong, there is nothing to be worried about as the first time tends to pave the way for both of you to understand each other’s bodies and needs and it is only going to get better with time.

1. Communication is the Key

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Whether it is about understanding about your partner’s expectations before getting into the act, or it is a sweet post-coital talk in which you discuss your passionate time spent with each other, clear communication lays the foundation for healthier sexual relationships. Talk to them if they are into oral sex or if they would like to try some positions before getting into anything they won’t expect. Also, discussing anything that went wrong or further expectations after sex leads to happier relationships.

2. Smile and Forget


Your first time with your partner may invite some awkward situations between the both of you, and it is totally natural. If the situation becomes awkward, smile and forget about it, to carry on. You need to embrace and learn from any mistakes you or your partner may have made.

3. No Faking It

If you are looking for a long-time relationship with your partner, the golden advice for you would be not to fake an orgasm. Those sensual noises you make and actions you do, to fake an orgasm, will ruin your sex life with that person in the long term. Your partner needs to understand the time you take and the pleasure you need to seek. Faking it is definitely not helping it.

4. Foreplay


Foreplay is the best thing you can do to establish a comfortable sexual relationship with your partner. It soothes your nerves, sets the tone for your intercourse and smoothens your way into the main act. Any stimulation you get before sexual intercourse is only a plus to it.

5. Do Not Expect a Lot


Do not expect the best sex when you’re going for it for the first time with your partner. There is no need to compare it with your previous experiences or expecting perfection in your first time as a couple. It is not a perfect world, and we are not living in the world of cinema. What you see on screen tends to be very different from what you do in reality.

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