Camouflage To Get Noticed


When the street encircling high-end fashion brands’ Fashion Shows get filled with men and women wrapped in the most daring prints and colours, and they are seen walking in the most unusual pair of shoes, just know that it’s the Fashion Week. The streets occupied by the ‘glammed-up’ people like to call this kind of fashion, the ‘Street Fashion’.

Every year the streets of the Fashion Weeks set the mood for the entire year’s dressing trends. These people who come to attend the shows are mostly mega fashion icons and movie stars. But the ones who get captured by the photographers and are featured as the street fashion stars are the ‘fashion-influencers’, editors of the budding fashion magazines or even fashion entrepreneurs. This year many trends have been laid down with the beginning of the latest season of Fall/Winter Fashion Weeks. If one wants to feel trendy throughout the year, he/she needs to follow the most followed trend this year i.e. the CAMOUFLAGE.

Here are the popular ‘camo styles’ you can follow to totally rock the camouflage look this season.

  1. Bella Hadid’s Full Camo

Bella HadidIt is easy to work on different shades of green to achieve that cohesive Camouflage look like that of Bella. Also, you can even opt full camo look like The Weeknd, who is totally owning the classic street look.

  1. John Elliot’s Camo Layers


Luxury Clothes designer John Elliot visualized Camo as layers with your regular clothes and that is how he styled his runway looks. You can totally rock cool camo jackets and leggings to ace this runway looks.

  1. Vicky Kaushal’s Minimalistic Camo

Vicky kaushalVicky Kaushal has not only stolen our hearts with his splendid performance and boyish charms, but he has also taken upon himself to up the men’s fashion game in India.

Like Vicky, you can play on camouflage by adding colours and keeping it subtle. This jacket donned by Vicky is a true play on modern camouflage looks.

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