Can love last a lifetime?


Oftentimes, there are days when you have second thoughts about whether love can last a lifetime. The fights and misunderstandings can lead us to have doubts and speculations about whether love can really last. Everyone wants the love that stays, everyone wants the love that never fades. After several years of marriage, when one gets very familiar with one’s own partner love slowly starts to slip out. The feeling of familiarity takes over the love and passion of a relationship. But love can certainly last a lifetime if one follows the basic rules of a healthy relationship. Wedding Affair explores how love can last a lifetime. 

1. Be Affectionate

Being affectionate  goes a long way towards building a lasting love. A morning kiss complemented with the three magical words can help you build a healthy relationship with your partner. 

2. Communicate well

Communication is the key to creating an everlasting bond of love. It is imperative for a couple to address their needs, worries and concerns so as to maintain a peaceful relationship. 

3. Listen Attentively

Be a good listener. Listening patiently to your partner when your partner needs you is the best way to create intimacy. Your partner will feel loved and heard at the same time. 

4. Try New Things

To keep the spark alive try out new things with your partner. Opt for dancing, gyming, traveling and other adventurous activities with your partner rather than individually to strengthen your bond. 

5. Plan A Date

Every once in a while, make it special for your partner. Make time to make them feel loved and spend quality time with them to ignite the passion. 


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