Can Online Matchmaking Sites ensure the Authenticity of your Marriage proposer?


matchmaking-sites_rumelaFor uncountable years now, matrimonial sites have been playing cupid, striking arrows of love, beyond geographical, and social barriers. With the promising number of successful marriages flashing on their website homepages’, examples promoting trust on the website, and faith on your destiny lures you to create that account and take the much-needed ‘leap of faith’. Some individuals find the courage in their heart to create the account with their own will, while some are forced to the task by their aged parents, who are desperately seeking for that right match.

While the matrimonial websites have contributed to etch a positive future for many, a good number have also fallen in the trap of ‘fake accounts, and spam users’ who click on the ‘Search’ button seeking impure indulgence in some ‘not so serious’ fun. For the men and women who are out there, creating an honest account, waiting for destiny to connect them to their soul mate, coming across a fake i.d that makes a number of unreal promises, and helps you imagine a world you have only read in novels, is disheartening and at the same time rips the users of their trust on the platform.

Bewildered by the contrasting fates of the long list of members of various matrimonial sites, we indulged in a heart to heart with Gorav Aggarwal, the founder of, who aspired to make a difference in the industry, and has taken commendable steps to make his aspiration come true. In an endeavour to get ‘genuine profiles’ participate and find love through his website, he introduced Aadhar card number verification through UIDAI. “This idea came to my mind when I noticed that people are still hesitant in searching a life partner online. It is not because of unawareness, but because of lower trust level in matrimonial sites. Getting green signal for approval from Aadhaar Authority (UIDAI) for verifying the Aadhaar card details was really a smooth sail. It really didn’t take much time to get the approval from them. But, we faced issues in technical front related to integration of the Aadhaar card verification process.”

Thanks to Gorav, India now has a matrimonial site that offers Aadhaar verified, genuine and trustworthy profiles. However, our concern does not end here. While this website ensures the “authenticity of the users’ through their stringent verification methods, how does one know that the genuine member is active online, with the aim of taking the conversation to the sacred bond of marriage? He avers, “We give a Trust Score to the registered users based on their details, documents and other information. The more valid and right information you will share, the higher your Trust Score will be. The higher Trust Score can be used as one of the parameters to check the genuineness of the registered profile. Anybody who is not a serious user will not share much information and will be rated with lower score. If you are genuinely interested in marriage and looking for your life partner there are less chances that you will share misleading information.” While that does sound like a life savior to us, you and you my dear reader, alone can be the perfect judge of how genuine the intentions of the person you are communicating with, are.