Canada: An ultimate Honeymoon Destination


“O Canada, we stand in awe of the land in which we live; the rugged snow-capped mountains..” these lines from David Ronald Bruce’s poem ‘The land we love’ perfectly describes the beauty of the surreal Canada. Canada’s breathtaking beauty and splendor varies from its boisterous fauna to the rustle of flora, from spectacular sceneries to lively lanes. Canada is a dreamscape of bliss and love. Traverse through this delightful place and visit its celebrated locales.


Toronto Zoo

Toronto is home to many fascinations and tourist attractions that makes it more vibrant. It embraces a blend of many cultures and hosts innumerable events.The flavours, aromas and sights of almost every nation converge in the streets.

What to Do: Toronto is a place with both structural beauties as well as artistic manifestations. One can take a look at 553-meter CN Tower; Rogers Centre, a massive domed sports arena; Toronto Zoo; or some aesthetic works at ‘I world –class theatre’, listen to Opera, Symphony. One can also visit Toronto’s Centre Island, leaving the city behind.


Nayagara waterfall HD wallpapers
Niagara Waterfalls

A collective name for three waterfalls that straddle the international border between Canada and the United States, Niagara Falls, is one of the top tourist attractions for its breath-taking beauty. One needs to free themselves and enjoy the falls.

What to Do: Lose yourself by hiking in the shoreline of Niagara River and crash through its wild currents. Rejoice the mesmerizing white thunder sheets of Niagara Falls and forget all the worries by gazing at the amiable aura of the waterfall on a cruise.



Vancouver, a chirpy west coast seaport, is considered a favorite of film makers. The city is a mixture of vibrant locale and brimming luxury. Treat yourself in luxury simultaneously enjoying adventurous excitements.

What to Do: Visit Grouse Mountain which is a package deal including wildlife, adventure activities, explorative hikes and aboriginal culture. Hang out in Stanley Park with your family and stroll along the sea wall and picnic on the greens. Biology enthusiastic, don’t forget to visit the UBC Botanical Garden, with a  collection of approximately 8,000 species of flora, which also serves as working center for plant research. Vancouver Art Gallery, premier art gallery in the city, exhibits classic and contemporary art.



Submerge in the eternal beauty of Alberta where the desert badlands meets Prairies, Prairies meets snow-capped mountains which in turn pokes the never-ending  blue skies. Breathe in the rejuvenating air as it ruffles your hair.

What to Do: Visit ‘The Canadian Rockie’  and explore the dazzling peaks, lush alpine meadows  at this UNESCO World Heritage site. Another attraction here is Banff National Parks to enjoy the thrills. Take a 3.4 Km view-filled hike from Lake Louise to Lake Agnes, witness an open-air museum experience at Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village,  which is literally like stepping back in history.



Quebec City,  has a long list of admirers, amazed by the dazzling city enclosed by spectacular landscapes , cultural extravaganzas and events. The uniqueness of the place is its French-Canadian culture.

What to Do: Enclosed with breath-taking landscapes, encounter this  astounding city  and ride in horse-drawn carriages, stroll in antique alleys and sway to the beats of their jazz festival. This place has many activities to send a chill down your spine. Another attraction is Quebec’s winter carnival, Carnaval de Québec, where some traditional activities takes place such as dogsled races, canoe races on the St. Lawrence River, skating, sledding, family oriented games, evening dancing, and parades.



A city steeped in culture, Ottawa, the capital of Canada is well fed with stunning world class museums with national collections from around the world.

What to Do: Witness the city packed with Canada’s proud heritage at famous landmarks, including Rideau Canal, which is the world’s largest naturally frozen skating rink in winter. Satisfy your thrill lust doing Owl rafting near Ottawa, try whitewater rafting and kayaking on the Ottawa River. For cycling enthusiast’s, it’s a dream place with over 180 kms of recreational pathways. Another attraction is the capital’s premier performing arts venue, the National Arts Center, which presents a full lineup of music, dance and theatre and much more.

If you seek an experience filled with awe, beauty, art and thrill, then free yourself in the arms of Canadian delight. Certainly, if you want life, just free your soul in the arms of Canadian delight for an iconic experience and explore life, like never before.