Capture Your Perfect Wedding With CineLove


If your marriage is made in heaven, so should be your wedding ceremony. Your perfect wedding deserves to be captured in a way that it looks like a regal affair when dropped on the canvas. The bridal outfit of your dreams should complement you wonderfully when you see your photos, the décor that you curated with your heart deserves to be remembered in the pictures in the way everyone can enjoy it. To help you cherish your moments of love, for nostalgia and memories, CineLove’s storytellers who are celebrated photographers and cinematographers coming from all over the world, make your wedding an aesthetic spectacle.

Bringing a photojournalistic approach to your wedding tales, CineLove professionals are always on a lookout for emotions that make every frame retell the unseen story behind the union. Their team of professionals, including documentary editors, fine art directors, creative animators and sound artists, many of whom have done some illustrious work across the globe, come together to wave their magic wand and leave their mark in documenting your wedding.

Whether you’re planning a wedding on the sinful beaches of Thailand or an intimate engagement ceremony in the beautiful city of Paris, CineLove fully understands the challenges and complexities involved in creating that ‘day to remember’. The team not only captures the beautiful surroundings but also ensures that they look as beautiful as your emotions and ceremonies. There is no need to look further in your hunt to book a perfect wedding photographer.

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