Carnival Themed Wedding for dreamers


                 Carnival Themed Wedding for dreamers

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” This famous quote by Andy Warhol precisely describes the scenario and gives us a lot to introspect about.
Weddings in our country, as grand as they are, are not restricted to being just celebrations and gala events. They mark the coming together of two families and symbolize the bond which is made stronger through holy matrimony. But having said that, we have to admit that the whole process of wedding planning is taken too seriously. And since change is the only constant, we need to modernize our thoughts and take the path towards progression. Instead of spending hours trying to diligently make everything flawless, why not enjoy the perfect imperfections? Why not play around with themes that are kitsch and are out of the box, ones that will ensure that the event leaves a memorable imprint in the minds of the guests, leaving them awestruck. One such theme that we are advocating today is a Circus/ Carnival wedding theme for wedding function. It is a fresh and nostalgic take on the mundane themes and is one which will entertain people of all ages groups. After all, life’s a circus.

The most appealing thing about conforming to a singular theme is that you attain the liberty to customize every teeny tiny detail of the function from the color of the cutlery to the size of the canopy.  And it lets you enjoy the fruits of originality and exclusivity. So if you are courageous enough to step out of your comfort zone of marigolds and  orchids then we;d suggest you to go the heart-warming way and enjoy a carnival of celebrations

1. The Invitation Card
The invitation card is the most important part of a thematic event d2ed6e353347a2bebdf67ef2e23b2a85because it gives an insight to the guests as to what awaits them and it also stirs a sense of curiosity in them. The card for a carnival themed wedding function should ideally be fun and should involve some tongue-and-cheek humor.



2. The Decor

Second to the invitation card comes the decor. The extent to which you want to portray the theme depends on your budget and preference. But atleast the seating area and the table center pieces should adhere to the theme. It plays a crucial role in creating the exact ambiance that you are aiming at.


3. Entertainment
A circus/carnival theme heightens the expectations of guests as it’s different and slightly offbeat. So it is a good idea to arrange some entertainment such as performances or games. Games are more suitable as they would keep a big crowd engaged, and make people feel ecstatic.

4. Food

Food is one aspect of a wedding that just cannot be tampered with, it’s a quintessential element that people look forward to. However some additions can be made such as setting up popcorn counters, candy counters or even candy-floss counters, And you can have coupons or tickets for guests which can be handed out at the beginning of the event, to add some drama and authenticity to the theme.


5. Photo Booth
A photo booth has become one of the crucial must-haves at wedding owing to the love for photographs and social media. So what better way to add to the fun than having a photo booth which is true to the theme ?

c5515376dc69a574daae86ff11098f62The cutlery isn’t a very pressing concern when you’re hosting a theme-based event, but it adds a sweet little touch if you do decide to incorporate it.








7. Wedding Favours
Last but not the least on our list are wedding favours or giveaways. It is tradition to present your guests with sweets on the auspicious day of your wedding. But if you’re having a carnival then it is legit to give them gum-balls and candies.