Cancelled weddings are changing women’s pregnancy plans

Facing social distancing guidelines and travel restrictions, weddings are getting postponed. Pregnancy is always filled with uncertainty.

Thirty-minutes workout to get that summer body

The workout is a series done at high intensity, one after the other in rapid succession. Exercises are done in short bursts of activity.

Yoga Asanas To Get You In Shape

Wedding Affair brings to you some effective yoga asanas that will get you in shape before your big day. This will get you in shape and will also give peace.

Fitness Special: workout for different body types

Wedding Affair brings to you the four basic body-types and all the specific workouts for women to help you work with your body for faster results.

Detox drinks for the bride

Brides need to take care of their health as it will reflect on their skin as well. Wedding Affair brings to you a few detox drinks that you can easily make.

Protecting mental health during the pandemic

Wedding Affair accumulates some general mental health care tips to keep our readers aware and healthy. Be kind to your mind, please!

Healthy snacks options to include in your diet

Wedding Affair brings to you a few scrumptious, delightful snacks that will get you through the day with much ease. These snacks are healthy as well. 

Fitness guide for the bride: 21 days challenge

Each and every bride wants to look nothing but the best on her wedding day.So, what are you waiting for? Let's start the 21 day fun, fitness challenge. 

Right YOGA postures for period cramping

Wedding Affair brings to some comfortable yoga poses intended for a restorative home practice and can help alleviate your period cramps.

Stay Fit And Sane While Quarantining

Wedding Affair these effective workout regimes for you to practice regularly within the comfort of your homes. Stay fit and healthy during the time of this crisis.

Get Your Hands On These New-Age Skincare Products

Winter skincare comprises of a variety of vitamins, hydration and moisture. To keep your skin hydrated and clear this year, choose from these uber-cool products shortlisted by Wedding Affair.

5 Must-Have Makeup Products

If you're ready to step your game up but don't want to waste time and resources on unnecessary items, we've got your back. We've rounded up the must-have items—nothing more, nothing less. Not only are they easy for newbies to use, but they’ve also been put to the test and have become best sellers too.