Healthy breakfast ideas to stay fit

We’re about to blow your mind with everything from über-easy, make-ahead breakfast options you can whip up in just minutes.

Guilt-free desserts to satiate cravings

You can fulfil your dessert cravings while taking care of your health. Read on about these recipes compiled by Wedding Affair to find out.

Exercises to slim down the waist before d-day

Wedding Affair shares the waist line routine that does just that, hitting your abs from different angles to work every inch of your core.

Reasons why people choose a vegan lifestyle

Wedding Affair tries to collect data on a vegan diet to help you understand the concept better before choosing the lifestyle.

Meditation for some positive perspective!

You’re not trying to turn off your thoughts or feelings. Wedding Affair recommends meditation to all those who are about to tie the knot.

All you need to know about Boot Camp

Boot Camp exercises invite not only the fit to participate; everyone can engage in boot-camp exercise and walk towards the path of being fit. 

Fruit infused drinks to kickstart your day

We are here to keep you hydrated with some fruit infused drinks that not only keep you summer ready but also energise you from inside out.

About Pre-Wedding Jitters!

It is funny how the most beautiful day of your life can be such a big deal that it completely drains the engines out...

5 ways to stay energised on your wedding day

Wedding Affair brings to you five ways to feel energised every day. These quick and easy tips will up your energy levels.

Fitness routines apart from good ol’ Yoga

Every bride-to-be is looking for a suitable workout routine. Wedding Affair brings to you five workouts that you will surely tempt you to try them out.

Detox drinks to try after the festive season

Detox juice diets help you to lose the extra kilos and stay healthy. Wedding Affair brings to you some of the best detox juice recipes you can try at home.

ASICS launches face cover for runners

Even with the Coronavirus pandemic, runners can now ensure they’re protected without compromising, thanks to ASICS’s Runners Face Cover.