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Beauty Products for the makeup, care and grooming of the Bride. This includes both Cosmetics and Care for Face, Eyes, Lips, Hands and skin.


Mind-boggling beauty launches!!

From lip stains to eye shadows you’re in for a big surprise. So, not to make you wait any further we have a few luxurious beauty products listed below that launched recently.

Benefits of adding a Jade Roller to your skincare

When you look at a jade roller you think that it is only for massaging your face but you’re wrong there, as it has many benefits.

Brides! Use these to keep your eyeshadow game on point!

Wedding Affair presents a list of the best eyeshadow palettes available for you. Try these and see the results for yourself!

Change your beauty game with these products

We are here with a super cool list for you! Take a look at these trending beauty products for this beautiful summer of 2021!

Beauty essentials to complete your bridal look

To help the bride achieve the most flawless look of her lifetime, Wedding Affair has hence shortlisted the best of products.

Lipstick shades for the party girls!

We have picked up some of the best lipstick shades for you from which you can choose and buy the perfect shade that suits your personality. 

Forward beauty products that are highly effective

Here you'll discover smarter-than-ever skincare, some of our favourite brands including Shiseido, Clinique, Living Proof, Make Up For Ever and many more. Even the...

Lip Lacquer Love

There are a ton of lip products out there, but there's nothing classier or more seductive than the market's best lipsticks.

Must-have makeup applicators for every girl!

Here are the 5 must-have makeup brushes that you must add to your beauty kit to ace your flawless makeup look!

Spring skin essentials

Wedding Affair lists some of the best skin care products around the world that deeply nourish your skin in spring!

V-Day Special: Smell like heaven on your date

Wedding Affair has shortlisted some of the best perfumes for you to make them remember you for your smell. 

Base makeup that feels like second skin

Team Wedding Affair has enlisted some of the best base makeup products in the market that feel like second skin itself.