Bridal Do’s for a Perfect Date

1. Embrace your Natural Beauty: Apply minor Makeup  Although makeup transforms one’s appearance in a better way, it can surely not be a substitute for...

Things to avoid a week before the wedding: Bridal edition

Listed below are a few things all the brides should specifically avoid, a week before their wedding. 

Post makeup routine: skincare tips to follow 

Getting all dolled up for a party and doing dapper makeup sure feels good, but you will have to make sure to clean all that up

4 DIY Scrubs for your perfect pout: Lip scrub edition 

We guess that all you girls and boys are quite buys taking care just of your face, and while you’re at it you tend...

3 ultimate ways to apply your liquid foundations, and why!?

we might not be any experts, but listed below are the three most common ways that you should choose to apply your foundations.

Benefits of adding a Jade Roller to your skincare

When you look at a jade roller you think that it is only for massaging your face but you’re wrong there, as it has many benefits.

Charity begins at home: Four elements to add to your daily...

You can always begin from home, and add some healthy elements to your daily diet to make sure of flawless skin. 

A few fruit peels that act as beauty treatments

if you are a big-time fruit lover then you should know the fact that throwing off fruit peels is not exactly a good idea. Because fruits peels are a lot more than just waste,

Count on basil!: a few benefits of Basil leaves

One thing that is under everyone’s radar and should get more attention are basil leaves. They are extremely important for us in so many ways

#BeautyHacks to beat the summer heat 

Beauty comes with its share of troubles, and especially during the summer heat you better make appropriate choices.

Lipsticks, not just confined to your lips: Makeup tips

did you know that you could also use your lipsticks in more than just one way? Well, if not then we have some interesting insight for you right below. 

“Must have in monsoon”: List of essentials in your handbag!

here we have a list of essentials that you need to stock up in your handbags while the monsoon season is on.