Homemade beauty solutions for everyone

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Beauty looks of the season!

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How to combine active ingredients & what to avoid

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Bollywood skincare for a diva style glow!

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Achieve that flawless ‘no-makeup’ skin

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Keeping the winter skincare game on point

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Perfume hacks that’ll make you smell awesome

Here are some easy perfume hacks that’ll help your fragrance last, and keep you smelling fresh all day long. 

Things one should keep in mind for flawless natural makeup

Many are opting for no-makeup makeup over a freshly caked face, We bring to you tips to keep in mind for a natural makeup.

Instagram retro beauty trends that sum up 2020

Come 2021, you are sure to see a gush of a number of beauty trends predicted here that have been rocking the social media in 2020!

A very simple Guide to Contouring

Wedding Affair has created a list of contouring techniques for different face types which will help you master your skills.

Celebrity beauty hacks every bride must follow

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Beauty trends to follow this December

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