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Customs & Rituals

In India, Custom & Rituals in every regional wedding, every cast, every sect are so different from each other.

Western rituals that you can include in your Wedding

Here Wedding Affair enlists five Western wedding rituals to make your wedding more meaningful, to put in a way.

Why new couples don’t like these customs and rituals

Wedding Affair mentions some of the archaic customs and rituals that the new couples try to avoid these days.

New-age Customs & Rituals for Gen-Z couples

Wedding Affair recommends adding new rituals to make your wedding a more personalised affair. Here are a few modern customs.

All About Diwali Pooja

As per Hindu tradition, the Goddess is the queen of wealth and prosperity and her blessings are absolutely necessary for Diwali.

Henna: Fragrance & Colour of Indian Weddings

No wedding can be imagined without the fragrant henna designs adorning the palms of the bride. Wedding Affair talks about its importance.

Kannada wedding and its essence

Kannada weddings are usually short, lasting for about one or two days and most of the rituals usually performed during the daytime.

Rituals from a Rajasthani wedding

Different Rajasthani communities have different traditions and customs. Each more colourful and magnificent than the other.

The colours of a Kashmiri Pandit wedding 

Here is a list of all the ritualistic essentials from the Kashmiri wedlock, which will without a streak of doubt leave you awe-inspired. 

The Essentials of a Maharashtrian Wedding

If you are looking for ways to plan a typical Maharashtrian wedding for yourself, let us help with a quick guide to each wedding ceremony.

The ritualistic register of an Odia wedding 

Odisha is one such state, which is notably recognised for its temple sanctums, beaches, natural beauty, architectural heritage, traditional food, etc. But when it...

The beauty of a Gujarati wedding

The vibrant wedding traditions in a Gujarati wedding stand out with great pomp and splendour. Let's have a look at the rituals of Gujarati wedding.

The charisma of a Konkani wedding

If you have never attended a Konkani marriage before, here is a list of the top-notch significant rituals that make such wedlock amazingly winsome.