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Customs & Rituals

In India, Custom & Rituals in every regional wedding, every cast, every sect are so different from each other.

The charisma of a Konkani wedding

If you have never attended a Konkani marriage before, here is a list of the top-notch significant rituals that make such wedlock amazingly winsome. 

The magnificence of a Tamilian Wedding

To celebrate the magnificence of Tamilian wedlock, here are the beautiful ceremonies and sacred rituals from the ceremonies in the pipeline.

Hindu pre-wedding ceremonies to be acquainted with

Here are 6 very important Hindu pre-wedding ceremonies which which everyone should know. These ceremonies are the common in Hindu weddings.

Pagphera – a sweet reunion

Pagphera is a ritual where the bride comes back home for the first time after her wedding, to ensure the best future of her parents.

A Rajput Wedding

The Rajputs do everything including their weddings in a unique style. Their swords, royal jewellery, Rajputana poshaak, and traditional customs make everything about their style of weddings regally distinctive and grand.

A Sikh Wedding

The Sikh marriage ceremony is known as ‘Anand Karaj’. Anand Karaj means ‘Blissful Union’ which grants equal rights to men and women.

5 Non-Religious Ceremonies To Make Your Wedding Meaningful

Customs and rituals make a wedding more meaningful but the millennials are breaking away from the traditions and are coming up with novel ways

Importance Of Mehendi In Our Wedding Rituals

Mehendi is a very important ritual in our Indian wedding. The mehendi ceremony adds more fun and colour to the wedding and also represents a great cultural significance of our Indian society.

Significance Of Karva Chauth For A Married Woman

The widely renowned tale of Satyavan and Savitri is referred to when talking about the significance of celebrating the day. It is the story of Savitri winning her husband’s life from Yamraja.

First Karvachauth Of Celebs

Some of our favourite couples like Deep-Veer and Priyanka-Nick tied the knot this year and we are all excited to see how our newly-wed brides are going to celebrate their first Karvachauth with their hubby’s.

Archaic Customs and Rituals to do away with

With the world moving forward and progress in thoughts, young couples are ready to do away with rituals and customs that they feel are weighing them down.

How To Ace Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

Relive those moments not just in your memory but with your wedding album as well. We bring you ideas that are a sure-shot to make your pre-wedding shoot once in a lifetime memory.