Make your abode summer ready in 2021

We have for you the ultimate guide to make your humble abode ready for the upcoming summer season. Read on to find more.

Adding calm to your abode

Wedding Affair compiles the styled of minimalist decor for your abode that can help you in your day to day life.

Creating aesthetic walls for your abode this summer

Bedroom walls require tons of love and attention! Check out these budget-friendly but quirky and creative ways to perk up your bedroom wall.

Dabble with neutral tones this season

Going neutral is equivalent to making your home look minimalistic. Here are ways to add neutrals in your home. 

Time to make your home Holi ready

Holi, the festival of colours, happiness and joy, is just around the corner. here are some tips on how to make your abode colourful and vibrant this Holi.

House plants to reduce humidity this summer

Summers are almost here and we all dreading humidity! We’ve listed a few plants below that you can have a look and maybe get them home too!

Best houseplants to have in your house

Here are the some best plants to keep in your abode that are perfect for first-time plant parents. Read on to find more.

Ace your decor by giving your windows a fresh vibe

We have for you some interesting and budget-friendly ideas to decorate your windows and add some character to them.

Things to check before buying indoor plants for home

Here are a few things one should check before getting an indoor planta for their house. Read on to find more you need to know.

Evergreen decor for your living area

Wedding Affair shares with you quick and easy tips to transform the look of your living area from dull to dashing.

Ways to make your home summer ready

Summer brings with it a variety of things. So we have for you the ultimate guide to make your humble abode ready for the summers!

Modern Minimalism in Home Decor

A combination of materials — leather, crystals, metals, marble and so on — create an ultra-modern and edgy assortment of home decor items.