Lamps to grace your lovely abode

Lamps play a very important role in the vibe of any space. The right kind of lighting not only illuminates the room but also makes it look vibrant, bright and fresh.

Here are some plants to help reduce humidity

There are a few houseplants that actually help in reducing the humidity. And so, we’ve listed 5 such plants below that you can have a look and maybe get them home too!

#GetGoing: Decorate your home office for pandemic productivity

Are you perpetually working from home and are tired of your surroundings? Have a look at some simple ways by which you can give your home office a new look. 

Perfect ways to induce fresh air in your living space

Controlling air pollution in the state is not in your or any one person’s hand, one place that you can purify is your home. 

Add a happy vibe to your home with these colours

Colours play a significant role in our lives and each colour has its own significant value. Each colour represents a feeling or an emotion.

Newlyweds, here’s how you can customise your home

Every home is a story about the people living inside. Right from the chosen site where one would build a house to the final finishing touches

The old school way: a few vintage decor notions for you!

Thinking of redecorating your living space? Here's a few interior tips for you to turn your house into a vintage hut by using a few and in-house elements.

Easy ways to inculcate sustainability in your decor

If you’re new to sustainability and don’t know where to begin, we’ve listed down 4 easy eco-conscious habits you could start with.

Decor ideas to give your home a refreshed look

A few decor changes here and there can come in handy to freshen up the look and make you feel like you’re living in a new, yet old place.

Here are some vines to add to your home garden

Vines are a great addition to any home. They not only add colour but also provide privacy when added to a balcony.

Spruce up your balcony for a romantic feel

You aren't able to go out anywhere thanks to the pandemic, this is time to revamp your balcony to make the most of available outdoor space. u

Add a dash of rainbow joy to your decor

Rainbows have the power in them to bring a smile on people’s faces. So indulge in some DIY rainbow decor ideas to boost your mood.