Beautiful Bridal Jewellery By Sabyasachi

The master crafter of anything truly traditionally Indian — Sabyasachi has been making traditional jewellery for brides since years now. Each of his pieces is beautifully crafted to perfection. Wedding Affair mentions some of the daintiest pieces from his collection.

Festive Season Inspirations For Bridal Jewellery

The season has served us with perfect inspirations for the bride and groom looks for weddings, when it comes to ethnic fashion. From coloured gemstones to top-to-toe metallic look — the celebrity Diwali parties featured them all. Wedding Affair mentions some of the best celebrity jewellery looks that are wonderful inspirations for the bride to be.

Perfect Engagement Rings For You

From beautifully cut solitaires to bands and multicoloured diamonds — people love to splurge on their engagement rings as these symbolize the sanctity of their marriage for years.

Must-Have Jewellery Every Bride Should Have In Her Trousseau!

Wedding Affair brings to you the must-have jewellery every bride should have in her trousseau.

Top 5 Jewellery To Ace the Cocktail Party Look

When there is a wedding marked on your calendar, it must certainly be lined up with a few cocktail parties. Decking up for a...

Maang Tikka Vs Matha Patti- Are You Confused?

Maang tikka vs Matha Patti is undeniably the biggest confusion a bride faces while finalizing her D-day look. Both of them are equally alluring...

Top 5 Millennial Jewellery Trends For Every Bride-To-Be

Not every bride wishes to deck up in an all traditional way! There are some brides who wish to jazz up their bridal look....

Top 5 Stunning Temple Jewellery For The Bride Who Is Traditional...

Temple jewellery originates from the South India. One cannot imagine a South Indian bride without she being laden with oodles of temple jewellery. The...

5 Different Types Of Bridal Jewellery For The Millennial Bride

You’ve shopped for your entire bridal clothing but still feel jittery about your wedding jewellery? Worry not m’lady we’re here for your help. There...

All You Need To Know About Temple Jewellery

Temple jewellery is an essential contribution by the kings of the Chola dynasty, the most significant dynasty in the country that bought reforms in...
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