5 Expectations That Are Ruining Your Relationship

Love can fade easily if you burden it too much with expectations. Expectations can wash away the love and affection of your relationship. Too...

5 Pillars Of a Successful Relationship

Strong relationships are built on the foundations of trust and loyalty. All relationships need time to build into something meaningful. It takes days to...

5 Signs You Are In A Rebound Relationship

Being in a relationship with someone who isn’t emotionally available isn’t a very nice situation to be in. That said, nobody wants to be...

5 Promises to Make To Your Partner This New Year

Promises make a relationship stronger and happier. Promises show that your partner values you and celebrates your existence. Love promises can help enhance your...

5 Ways To Build Trust In A Relationship

Honesty and trust are the foundations of a good relationship. If you cannot create a trustful environment in a relationship, you are more likely...

5 Most Common Relationship Mistakes To Avoid

Relationships are hard to maintain. One has to sail through the ups and downs in order to build a relationship that is strong and...

Top 5 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship

Relationships need to be nurtured with care. It takes consistent time, effort and patience to build something that is lasting. Relationships can very easily...

Things That Are A Total No-No After A Breakup

We understand that the breakup phase is difficult but there are certain things that you must refrain from if you want to get over things and move ahead. Wedding Affair lists down things that are a total no-no after a breakup.

Guide To A Healthy Fight

Fair fighting is a respectful, structured way of confronting each other on issues that are causing conflicts.

Signs That Your Relationship Is Nearing Its End 

The feeling of being in love is the most beautiful feeling. But sometimes, your relationship can take a toll. Here are signs that directly hint towards your relationship nearing its end.
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