Components of a successful relationship

To create a healthy and happy relationship, Wedding Affair shares the 5 ingredients of a successful relationship. 

How to deal with the breakup of a long-term relationship?

Has the sun set on your relationship? Even if you want to heal, there seems to be no easy way out of heartbreak; especially if it is from a long-term relationship.

Crucial pillars of a healthy marriage

It is rightly said that marriage is an institution. There is lot to share, learn and earn between two individuals who are committed for life.

How to be assertive in relationships

It’s the quality of communicating your needs firmly, knowing your boundaries and standing up for yourself. Here's how to be assertive.

Food items to improve your sex life

Having a healthy sex drive is linked to feeling physically and emotionally healthy. Here's what you can consume for a healthy sex life.

This is what the happiest couples do

Why do relationships that look so promising dissolve over time? Why do others, whose partners seem hopelessly mismatched, grow stronger?

Cute little ways to propose to your partner

We know that feeling well when you feel butterflies in your stomach, but Worry not, here are simple ways to propose to your love.

Why are healthy boundaries important in a relationship

Healthy boundaries are not just important for serious relationships. Even if you’re casually seeing each other, boundaries are vital.

Things you need to keep in mind before saying a YES

While indeed it is a scary thought, but considering these things before saying yes, can make it less scary and much easier for you.

How to handle disasters in a relationship

Wedding Affair brings several ways by which you can keep yourself crisis-ready in case of disasters in your relationship.

Classic first date mistakes you should avoid

To avoid any blunders on your special first date day you need to keep these points by Wedding Affair in mind.

Warning signs to look out for in a relationship

It is best to call it quits as it might be that your relationship is doomed. Look out for these signs to know if your relationship is over.