Here’s your mini-guide for healthy marriages

We are here for you with some advice which may help you ride your marriage life jovially and peacefully to a distance beyond eternity. 

Wanna spice up the first night? Keep this in mind

Your wedding day is on the edge and first night is giving you jitters? Here are a few tips on how you can ease yourself and your partner.

The Art of prioritising in relationships

If your partner has been less than attentive lately, here are some ways to help them prioritize the relationship again.

Qualities that make them an ideal partner

Before tying the knot make sure that your partner has the basic essential qualities which are must for a blissful and peaceful married life.

Staying happily satiated in a relationship

Wedding Affair brings you five things that hydrate your relationship as water and helps you stay satiated in a relationship.

A honeymoon guide for arranged marriage couple

You are giddy to your qualms about the honeymoon. Here's a quick checklist to calm your qualms while you enjoy the intimate fantasies.

Pleasing your partner according to zodiac

Know the love language of each zodiac sign. Wedding Affair brings to you the sexual quirks of each zodiac sign.

Proposal ideas to get the coveted “YES”

We have curated a list of proposal ideas that will make sure that the only word leaving her lips would be *YES!*.

Sure-shot signs you should marry your partner

Feelings can be easier to decipher if one could put it to words. Lookout for these signs to confirm whether to marry your partner or not.

Never stop doing these things even after marriage

Wedding Affair brings seven things you should never quit doing even after marriage when there is no longer a need to woo your partner.

Romantic gestures to spark your newly married life

Holy Matrimony is a minefield. But fret not as little actions can go a long way. Here are five romantic gestures that can make your relationship worthwhile. 

Dealing with ups & downs during pandemic

How do you maintain harmony during this pandemic? Wedding Affair brings to you a few things you can do to keep the time peaceful and happy.