Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are solemnised away from the home towns of Bride & Groom families.

Destination weddings are the new big trend to happen to Indian weddings. The Marriage are celebrations as a vacation together with all your friends and relatives. These are full of fun celebrations at a destination within India or abroad. Wedding Destinations are selected be in India or at a International Destination depending on the budget.

The concept of Destination weddings in in vogue because of its practical reason of celebrations, fun, enjoyment without any city issues and ease of the families, full of entertainment. You go to one place, everything is arranged for you. No need to travel from place to another for different wedding ceremonies of Bride & Groom. At the same time, its cost effective, practical and fun.

Wedding Affair presents wedding ideas for wedding planning at a Hotel & Resorts at a destinations

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In an attempt to stimulate the tourism industry, Greece has announced that it will be open for tourists starting June 15.

Novotel Visakhapatnam Varun Beach: A hotel for a serene seaside wedding

This seaside hotel is ideal for hosting grand weddings, social events, various ceremonies and rituals and numerous other functions.

Jaisalmer Marriott Resort & Spa: creating ‘golden’ memories

For the best celebrations, allow Jaisalmer Marriott Resort & Spa to provide a sensational backdrop for your visit to this ‘Golden City’.

Fairmont Jaipur For A Monumental Wedding

Gleaming under the watchful eyes of the Aravalli hills, Fairmont Jaipur gracefully combines the glories of the past with modern-day comforts.

Amazing Thailand renders Style to Your Wedding

With such a plethora of options, you can opt Thailand not just only for weddings but also for both pre-wedding, post-wedding and honeymoon.

Best Locations, Seamless Stay Experience: Oberoi Hotels & Resorts

The guests speak about the experience of being truly seen, heard and understood. Something no other hotel can emulate.

Majestic Weddings at The Eros Hotel, Nehru Place

You can depend upon our hospitality to support an outdoor wedding and bachelorette party to a last-minute detail.

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Cathay Pacific: Fly Across The World!

Cathay Pacific, is a Hong Kong-based Airline with strong sustainability values and community services.

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With 800 metres of beach with natural white sand, Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel at Tancha Bay is your ultimate resort to indulge in the best seaside fun and frolic.

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