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Wedding Catering

When we plan our wedding, the Food Catering is most important thing that comes your mind! So choose the best caterer and make your wedding remarkable!

Sunday Brunch: Breakfasts from around the world

If you’re looking for an interesting breakfast to try this Sunday, Wedding Affair has some suggestions for you. Try these and thank us later!

Festive coffee drinks to try this season

Coffee is that evergreen drink that can be converted into so many variants and can satiate your soul in so many ways.

Cocktails that spell ‘classy’ at your wedding 

Wedding Affair enlists some of the best cocktails you can include in your wedding for the maximum class and delicacy and also maximum fun!

Quarantine Recipes: Healthy and tasty one-pot cooking

Wedding Affair shortlists some recipes for you, that you can give a try during your homestay. These are quick, hassle-free and nutritious!

A wedding feast that highlights global cuisine

Wedding Affair mentions the popular kind of wedding feast menus that are more prominent these days! Have a look and include these.

Frozen delights to chill in swampy weather

Frozen delights are simple delectables, which will definitely change your summer mood with super likes for them. Enjoy them anytime. 

Things to keep in mind before hiring a caterer

Choosing the right catering company is crucial. Wedding Affair brings to you the key factors you need to keep in mind before hiring a wedding caterer. 

Ways To Include Healthy Food In Your Menu

It's only fair that you keep all your guests in mind. Wedding Affair brings to you some amazing ways to include healthy food in your wedding menu.

Summer drinks to include in your wedding menu

Wedding Affair brings to you a list of summer drinks that you must not miss out on for your wedding or cocktail function.

Scrumptious summer flavours for wed-day saturnalia

Satisfying the appetite of your guests with unique combinations of summer flavours is a vast stretch of experimentation for the bakers.

Celeb-Inspired Grand Wedding Cakes

Wedding Affair has the perfect mood board for your wedding cake. Take inspiration from the celebrity wedding cakes for your dreamy affair.

Brisk Kitchen: Daily Delectable Delights

Grab your chef hats as Wedding Affair enlists some of the most delectable dishes you can prepare following the Brisk Kitchen.