Celebrate your Wedding Day with the Close Ones


Ready for the big day? Have all the arrangements been made? If not, don’t feel nervy. You have come to the right place for the wedding planning. Wedding planning is a huge task for the bride and the groom and it takes months and months of preparation to have an impeccable wedding. Small and intimate weddings are in the wind and if you are craving one this article is for you.

Indian weddings are known for being all pompous and massive. But after lockdown things seem to have changed. People have become more privy and less pretentious after COVID. Intimate weddings have taken everyone by storm. As ironic as it sounds Indian weddings can be small and cozy. Intimate weddings offer you to feel more close to your close ones. These weddings let you go with the vogue and have the wedding of your dreams.

Different guests for different ceremonies

Specific guests for specific events

Make a list of the guests you want for your functions and divide them according to your preferences. This will let them not feel left out and you will also feel delighted with the presence of distinctive guests at your functions. Hence, start preparing a list in consonance with the wedding events. This will be the first step toward the planning of the wedding. Have a strong heart while leaving the names out of the list as you don’t need unnecessary stress.

Customised cards for the wedding

Customised Invites for your big day

Customised wedding invitations are in trend and these can be affordable, too if designed properly. Get creative, and put time and effort into designing your own wedding invites. Customised wedding invitations look so attractive and pleasing. 

Send goodies to those you did not invite

Make those who were not present feel special

Do not feel petrified for those you could not invite to your intimate wedding. Send wedding presents to their place. You can decide what you want to send out to them. You can send scented candles with the bride’s and the groom’s initials. You can consider sending something which could be used or something eco-friendly. The gift range can vary according to your preferences. They will feel more embraced and close.

Flower décor is back in trend

Flower Power!

If you have booked a simple location for the wedding, spend on the decoration to make the place look illuminating and brighten up. For a seasonal wedding, go for seasonal flowers rather than exotic ones. Flowers add a different aroma to the environment and they bring positivity to the surroundings. Seasonal flowers are on a budget, too. Go with the flower decoration and you can add plants also. Lanterns are also in vogue. They are within budget and give fancy vibes at the same time. So, go green and flowery this time.

Keep the food easy yet modish

Way to one’s heart

Weddings are all about absolutely delicious food. Keep the food simple and try to cut short the appetizers as we all know that not everyone tries everything and half of the food gets wasted. The guests are not going to hold any bitterness if they get to eat limited yet different cuisines. Keeping the finances in mind, narrow down the drinking choices to cocktails and wine, and beer if you desire to have alcohol at your wedding.

Big fat Indian weddings will always hold an extra special place in our hearts but people have to start realising that in-budget weddings can be beautiful and memorable, too. You don’t need to waste unnecessary money on uncalled-for things. Keep it simple and elegant at the same time. Save some money and spend it on the honeymoon where you can relax and relish the moments. The couple should focus on each other rather than pleasing everyone as their happiness matters the most.

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