Celebrate your wedding with these party vibes


“Memoirs of Marriage” and, this sounds totally incomplete if you don’t make an attempt to groove for a night chipped in with your wedding excitement. BRIDES if you are earnestly looking forward to throwing a sumptuously rich and invigorating cocktail party to set your WED-MOOD exultant with memories, then here we have the best wedding party themes to guide you throughout this season. Add on to your corybantic gyrations with these jaw-dropping party themes where the “good food great beverages” factor will stand out with your lovely friends and family time. 

BAILANDO! With A Spanish Deal

Classic Spanish drinks and cocktails like Queimada, Sangria, Horchata or even a fine glass of Vermouth will make you go crazy for a memorable night if you are eager to set the environment in a contrasting ambit of ultraviolet and orange, signifying the Spanish wedding cult. The flamboyance can be enhanced with florals such as blueberry roses, cherry brandy roses, peonies, magnolias, and carnations flowed from pergola above the tablescape where linens in bold hues will do the wonder.  Wedding

Dance It NEON

When everything is dark, you are undoubtedly going to glow in the dark! That’s the ultimate fun element to step up in a neon outfit on your favourite track. Glowing in a pair of neon sneakers or a neon skirt or lower or even a neon jacket will make it an absolute hit. You can also get customised neon bindis, jhumkas, kaliras, dupattas, kamarbandha for slaying it all with a traditional touch. 

Blissful BLUE n’ Pearls

In association with open spaces, freedom, expansiveness, and sensitivity, SHADES OF BLUE play a heavenly role in capturing your special moments for the phenomenal commencement of your new wedding journey. Welcome your loved ones with a coded night in royal, navy, egyptian, azure, sapphire, olympic, and cornflower blue where the decors and the outfits will compliment your memorable night with beer and skittles. Accessorising with pearls will definitely add a lot more grace to the whole mood as bedecking up is a girl’s favourite move on point. 

MOROCCAN Muse N’ Magic 

All that love from Morocco means loads of vibrant colours inclusive of Moroccon lanterns, drapes, beautiful coloured glasses, mosaics, etc. A catchy palette of red, turquoise, gold, ivory and white with some comfy mattresses and cushions is a statement to your gratification and everlasting reminiscences. Moroccan Spritzer, Morrocotini, Moroccopolitan with some moreish Moroccon food cannot be bypassed. Ask your wedding guests to lift up the mood in their printed shorts and flowy kaftans!


Last but not the least, keeping in mind the wedding feels of your last bachelor days; we also suggest you to go for a bossy bachelorette, one of its kind to remember for your lifetime. Get ready either in sheer elegance or in classic timepieces with your girlfriends to rule your night out. Make your wine o’clock a great one with top numbers and best drinks available at your dream destination.  

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