Celebrating love with a French honeymoon

French honeymoon

There is more to France than you can imagine. It is not all romantic due to Paris and its Eiffel Tower. The beauty of France has much more background to it. There are a number of places in France that can be as romantic as the capital city of Paris. So get ready for your French honeymoon. Wedding Affair lists the most romantic places to visit for a honeymoon in France.

Saint-Paul de Vence

Medieval walls encircle narrow streets and capture the heritage of more than a thousand years. Picking out the marks of history, either alone or with a guide, is to enter into the soul of Saint-Paul de Vence. The fountain at the heart of the village fills St-Paul’s medieval vaults with music for a beautiful French honeymoon. To quote the poet Verlaine: “The fountain’s silvery murmur plays on.”


City of Coronations and Champagne, Reims can be proud of possessing four historic buildings that are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List: the Notre-Dame cathedral, the Tau palace, the Saint-Remi basilica, and the Saint-Remi Museum. The jewel of the city, the Notre-Dame cathedral is unusual in that it has been the place of coronation for 33 kings of France from 816 to 1825.French honeymoon


Calvi is a small town on the north-west coast of Corsica in an idyllic French honeymoon location with a large sheltered bay to the front and the mountains behind, on the edge of the Balagne region. It is popular with visitors because it combines a historic town and a port with the chance to enjoy a long sandy beach.


The mythical village of Saint-Tropez, made famous by the actress Brigitte Bardot, attracts celebrities and visitors from all over the world. Quiet and authentic from autumn to spring, this former fishermen’s village becomes in the summer a renowned seaside resort, with its lively port full of luxurious sailboats and yachts, its cafe terraces, its designer shops, and its nightclubs. Guaranteed festive and summer atmosphere!


Bordeaux is an amazing city not to be missed! Book a boat tour, take your family to the famous “water mirror”, relax in a park, climb the 229 steps of the Pey-Berland tower and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the old Bordeaux. Some 1,810 hectares of Bordeaux are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and also romantic for a French honeymoon.

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