Celebrity-Inspired Wedding Jewellery Ideas

Bridal jewellery

Celebrity-Inspired Wedding Jewellery Ideas: The wedding season is full of swings and happiness. It is here, again, and brings with it all the positive hopes for the bride and the groom. Weddings are a lot of work as you have to decide on many things that you cannot leave behind. From wedding attire to the wedding menu, everything needs to be pre-planned in order to make your wedding ceremony a success. For the brides, it is the most special day.

Jewellery is the one utmost thing that has to be in a bridal trousseau. Jewellery enhances the beauty of the bride and makes her look more enchanting and illuminating. The right amount of jewellery and the rightly designed one make a huge difference in the bride’s look. It asks for your time and money.

Here are some celebrity-inspired wedding jewellery ideas that you can consider adding to your bridal trousseau.

Galabandh necklace is an elegant jewellery piece that looks purely stunning when worn. Sonam Kapoor paired this Galabandh necklace with an off-shoulder blouse that graced the overall look. All eyes were on her! Add this magnificent piece of jewellery to your bridal trousseau.

  • Classic Red Chooda

    red chooda
    A classic red chooda

Wearing a Red chooda on the wedding day completes the look of the bride. It signifies the love between the couple. Neha Kakkar wore a red chooda and had kaliras on. Chooda can be worn by anyone whether you are a Punjabi or not. You can pair them with big kadas that go with the chooda. Check this out of your jewellery list.

  • Elegant Pearl Earrings

    Wedding Jewellery
    Stunning pearl earrings

Katrina Kaif got hitched this year and her wedding look was the talk of the town. She wore a beautiful red lehenga and paired it with beautiful diamond 22K gold which was from a Sabyasachi collection. She had stunning pearl earrings on. So, take it from her look and add these elegant pearl earrings to your wedding jewellery collection. Also, take care of the thing that the earrings go with your overall look.

  • A Vintage Bindi

    the Cutest jewel!

Bindi is that one littlest cutest thing that absolutely embraces your face and your whole look. In Indian culture, Bindi is very essential as it signifies that the woman is married. Alia Bhatt wore a maroon bindi on her wedding day which made her look very pretty. Try to go for red bindi as the red colour always gets highlighted.

  • An Attractive Nath

    Nath embraces the face

Wearing an attractive Nath looks very pleasing to the face. Patralekha put on a gorgeous round Nath on her wedding day which looked purely alluring. Hence, add this essential jewellery to your bridal trousseau.

  • Hair Accessories

    Hair accessory
    A graceful maangtikka

Hair accessories are very necessary for the completion of the overall wedding look. So, look for a graceful maang tikka or a beautiful tiara that goes with your wedding attire. Anushka Sharma wore a diamond maang tikka or matha patti for her wedding which looked very chic and traditional at the same time. Tiaras also look good if it goes with your outfit.

Other wedding jewellery that you can consider adding to your bridal trousseau is silver anklets. They enhance the beauty of the feet and are also good for them. Bichuas are another piece of jewellery that can be considered adding to wedding jewellery. Jewellery such as Bracelets and Kamar bandh can also be included in the bridal trousseau.  


These are some of the Bollywood-inspired jewellery that you must add to your bridal trousseau. Vintage jewellery adds more grace to the bride’s look. If it is chosen rightly nothing can steal your limelight and you will automatically feel confident on the big day.