Celebrity inspired Royal Red Choodas

Image Source: wedding sutra

We have all appreciated the gorgeous bridal lehengas worn by these beautiful actresses at their weddings. Let us for a moment also shift our attention towards their exceptionally stunning bridal choodas. Have you ever wondered that why do brides wear red coloured choodas? It is because the royal red colour is assumed to enrichen love between the newlywed couple. Choodas are considered as auspicious Shringar of the bride and it is a symbol that marks good luck for the beginning of a new journey in life.

Deepika Padukone

Image Source: ShaadiSaga

What an amazing picture it is! Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone indeed complement each other’s wedding attire and undoubtedly look as if they have been made only for each other. The royal red chooda worn by this gorgeous bride is the epitome of royalty and simplicity. A combination of white bangles with this pair of chooda provides the bride with her desired dream look. 

Sonam Kapoor

Image Source: pinterest

Beautiful Mrs Ahuja looks as happy as a little princess in a fairyland who has finally married her prince charming. Wearing a red chooda at one’s wedding is not only a necessary Shringar prescribed by the Indian customs and traditions but it is also the most preferred jewellery that enhances the bride’s appearance. 

Anushka Sharma

Image Source: wedding sutra

Flaunting her bridal red chooda during the Jaimala ceremony, Anushka looks like a wish-granting angel. Adorned in a baby-pink lehenga, ready to rule over her dreamland, she is not only the show-stopper at her wedding but also captures the attention of brides all over the world. Brides-to-be, gear up for your wedding look like Anushka’s appearance by complementing your choodas with lavish gold bangles. 

Image Source: Pinterest

Have you noticed that all three brides are wearing royal red choodas, which do not perfectly match the colour of their lehengas? Well, this is the real beauty of this bridal choodas! They look flawlessly stunning and add an overall enhancement to the bridal ShringarRed is the colour of love and red is the colour of bridal choodas, let the passionate affair between the newlyweds be as deep as the colour red!