Clean-Green Make-up

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Clean Green Make-up

With global warming, dying crops, and excessive carbon emissions on environmentalists’ radar, we owe it to the earth and ourselves to make conscious green choices — this certainly extends to our everyday beauty products as well.

The cosmetic industry has seen a splurge, especially in the last few years. People purchased cosmetics in abundance even when nobody stepped out of their homes. The reason behind this phenomenon was simple- since we as an entire species didn’t spend on luxury items such as travel, we found our nearest substitute in the make-up industry. One commodity that showed an unforeseeable rise in demand during Covid-19 was lipstick.

Due to the massive demand, companies were under a lot of pressure to produce twice as much via unsustainable means, including an increase in fuel consumption due to higher import/ export and excessive work from labour, among other things.

But some companies stuck to their eco-friendly values by remaining cruelty-free and plastic-free, using vegan ingredients, and producing sustainable products.

This new year, we compiled a list of green brands that constantly strive to safeguard our planet taking an extra step towards achieving a greener, cleaner world.



Anomaly — a recent launch by Priyanka Chopra, has been built on clean promises and a sustainable approach. It is based on the ideology, “You shouldn’t have to choose between what works and what’s good for you or the planet. Make beautiful choices.” They achieve so by creating products that fall in sync with the environment and are a treat to your hair. The product’s primary packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic trash and includes effective ingredients that are environmentally conscious. They believe in nurturing themselves by making sensible pro-green choices.

Rare Beauty

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Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty, a beloved brand launched by Selena Gomez in the year 2020, had all of us by surprise, as we never anticipated this renowned singer to cross the industrial segments and spread out in cosmetics. As altruistic as her singing is, her business ensures a comprehensive approach. Rare beauty make-up products do not test on animals or use animal products- as certified by PETA.

The product packaging is a hundred percent recyclable and uses only FSC-certified materials. The brand has taken sustainability standards to another level by using only water-based ink for printing.

Her ideology behind this cosmetic line was to help people feel beautiful in their natural skin and enhance, not hide, what makes them unique.

Smashbox Cosmetics


Smashbox cosmetics- was launched in 1996 as a creative community of artists and make-up lovers. They have strived to attain Carbon Neutral shipping by generating energy through their Wind farm project in Saint Nikola. On top of that, they have launched a new line of sustainable cosmetics- Green room. These products contain Moringa seed extract- a natural antioxidant that will replenish Vitamin C & A in your skin. The packaging of the Greenroom products will be biodegradable and recyclable, including eco-friendly ingredients. They don’t believe in testing on animals, and most of their products are vegan.

To balance out the usage, the brand has decided to plant Moringa trees in developing countries every time a Greenroom product is purchased.

It is an intelligent initiative that can help our planet to restore balance; after all, every tree counts.



Ilia beauty believes in zero waste and a policy based on transparency as its compass. Sasha founded the company with the belief that radical innovation can lead to pushing conscious choices in the field of make-up. The American brand began its journey in 2011. Its webpage states, “We believe in skin that looks like skin—and radiance that comes naturally.” It is known for combining skincare and make-up products, with many of its products being multi-use and built with clean and cruelty-free ingredients. All the purchases made with Ilia are produced under the take-back TerraCycle program, where US consumers can mail ten used containers back to the company for recycling.

Nyx Professional Makeup

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nyx professional makeup

Nyx Professional Makeup has been a trusted brand for more than two decades. The brand is known to provide superior-grade products; its pigmented eyeshadows are a top favourite among customers.

Their policy — “We Believe Animals Belong In Our Arms – Not In A Lab”, is another reason why we love them.

Nyx Professional is one of the few make-up brands that are climate neutral. They achieved this level of sustainability four years ago in 2018 in a constant effort to reduce their carbon footprint. Consequently, since 2019, they have attained a reduction in greenhouse gases by a third per million euros of turnover. Additionally, in 2021 the Los Angeles-based brand decreased its plastic usage by 62% compared to its statistics in 2019. They have further their efforts by using only 100% green electricity, e-car fleets, regional and organic food in the canteen, carpooling, and a dozen other things for climate protection.