Clutches for the New Age Bride


Brides, ah! Never going to get enough outfits for their regal couture, enough looks for their hair, enough footwear to fit into their closet, and enough mascara on their lashes! There is something more to this – Accessories. And not just the visible ones, but the ones which might be hideous, but are noticed by all. We are talking about clutches. Ladies, if you invest so much time and energy, and money too, in purchasing a daily tote that fulfills your needs, doesn’t the same apply to your D-day bag? Gone are the days when brides used to carry those huge square-shaped bags with large handles that were too heavy for your hands and shoulders, and which mainly went to your sister. Let us have a look at the top trending bridal clutches you need to choose from –

  1. The Fringe
Effortless fringe clutch.

Starting for a chic pick – the fringe clutch. Remember those days when you carried a loose drop shoulder brown bag to your college that looked like it hadn’t been touched in years, only to be worn out in the dust? And didn’t this bag have those fringes hanging all around, which your friends used to make fun of? Well, who knew this bag could undergo a major transformation? Fringe clutches are absolutely stunning when it comes to picking the right event clutch, and especially for the bride, these give the most perfect falling look when paired with gowns.

  1. The Mini
Less is more with a mini clutch.

One of the most trending Y2K bags these days is the mini bag. This is a tiny bag that could fit only a lipstick, a card, and maybe a key too. But you have to agree that the bride doesn’t actually carry stuff in her bag at her wedding! Well, mostly it is an empty bag, so why not a mini bag? You can opt for an embellished piece by Jimmy Choo or a classic solid-colored bag that matches your wedding attire. Surely this bag wouldn’t fit anything relevant for the day, but it is definitely going to turn heads.

  1. The Rounded
Disco light or rounded clutch?

Okay, let’s talk about shapes. Circular or rounded bags have been in the talks but we see they are not receiving enough appreciation. You have to pick this one. Throwing an edgy disco light vibe, rounded clutches can add a glam factor to your look by their effortless appearance. Most brides choose to wear it as a bangle, and that is a chic move too. Women adorning sarees should try experimenting with this elegant piece of accessory for their big day.

  1. The Personalized
A personalized clutch that says Bride.

Holy matrimony is precious, and so is your entire trousseau. Everything that you plan for the events, and you wear too, tells a story about the love of yours. A great way to add something different to it is to include a personalized clutch. This could be done in numerous tricks, like having MRS engraved onto it, or an embroidered ‘I DO,’ or something that talks about you two as a couple. Your partner is going to shed some tears when they see you sporting a clutch like this, trust us.

  1. The Potli
West meets East with a polki clutch.

Looking for an ethnic twist to the collection of clutches? We got you. Potlis are usually a traditional pick in the Northern parts of India and were showcased by women in the vintage era. Recently, many designers have been giving a modern touch to these potlis, keeping their true essence alive. Originally these were used to store bunches of coins, but break the rules girl, keep little munchies in hand to crack in between running rituals.

  1. The Pearl
Royal touch with a pearl clutch.

Honey, if you’re getting married and not even a single pearl accessory is not a part of your wedding checklist, something is wrong. We have talked about pearls before, and we will talk about them again. Pearls are subtle, smooth, elite, sophisticated, and extremely dreamy. If you are looking for a missing dreamy element from our entire treasure box, a pearl clutch is your answer. Opt for this one with any livery that you are wearing.

Confused about which one to choose? Our mission is successful. Just kidding. Well, if you really wish to pick all of the above, but are unable to choose one, try pairing each of them with your looks over the days, and carry them like a queen!